Saturday, October 04, 2008


I thought I would let you all know that Debbie really loved the jacket I made her, and I was pretty proud of how both of them turned out:c} I have a little confession though I still ended up doing a bit of hand work on both jackets in the hotel rooms on the way there. You know how it is. Maybe one more thing here now one there to balance things out. What would it look like if I put this here or there or took it off?? I just can't help myself. I have to keep fusing until it's just right. :c}
The first evening we were there we decided we would go into town for a bit of dinner. Because we were at a cafe that was in the court yard of an old colonial coffee baron's house we decide we'd take our jackets. That was the first time Debbie told me that if I'd make some more jackets she would sell them in her shop. I sorta poo pood the suggestion, "right no one is going to buy these, I mean these are okay but that's about it." "No really" she said "they would really sell well here" (me) "Oh sure sure" Then she started showing the jacket around and sure enough women said they were something they would buy. Better yet they would even wear them out in public;c}

Unlike many of my bloglandian friends that have their own shops and have sold their creations I never have. No one has ever payed real money be it dollars, pesos, yen or Monopoly money for anything I have made. I'm really not that talented. I get by and I love to create and give them as gifts but... I didn't even learn to sew until I was 26. I was working at a hospital in a little town in Northern Montana. In the winter (that's 11.75 months a year) the only thing to do is go to the bars or the churches. So I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas bought a few easy patterns and taught myself to sew. My Mum was a gifted seamstress who made all of my clothes when I was at home. When I would get stuck figuring out the directions I would pick up the phone, read them to my Mum and she would tell me how to do it. Number one child is my only girl so I had so much fun sewing all kinds of little outfits for her. BUT I never had anyone ask me to sell anything. Talk about being flattered :c} but still I didn't think I could do it.

Then the day I was at Debbie's shop and laid eyes on the antique tortilla making board she had, I fell instantly into love!! I just had to have it. The owner had an iron stand made for it so it was coffee table height. But OH MY GOSH the wood is as soft as silk, especially in the indentations where the dough was mixed and rolled out for a couple of hundred years :c} When you run your hand along the wood you can actually feel all the lives of the women who made their family's daily tortilla on it. It truly has become a testament to these women's lives, emotions and love of family!! SO I just had to have it I didn't care what the cost... Yikes that much huh?? That's when Debbie and I worked out a bit of a trade. Jackets and vest for the tortilla board.

Now that I'm home I'm on the hunt for tarnished bling, bits of lace, ribbon and trims. I have added to my list of things to bring back from the States. And I guess you could say I'm now in the Jacket business. Although in case the Mexican immigration department is reading this I'm not officially receiving money nor am I working for pay. Neither of these two things can I legally do with the visa I currently have. :c} And since I would hate for people to think the label name was by "noname" I decided to add a tiny key and heart charm on the label and call it "Para Siempre" (forever)

What do you guys think?? How about taking a minute and giving me your opinion in the comments??

Once again we are at the end of a wonderful day. I'm feeling pretty good since I got a card made for LW's mom's birthday this month. I hope you have a good evening or day in bloglandia depending on what part of the world you live in!!:c}


Rustic Tarts said...

Pattie, I think it is a wonderful idea. If you enjoy making the jackets, do it - and I have to say that tortilla table looks fantastic. Let me know if there are any bits and pieces that I can send you to help with your new business!!! LOL
Go for it girl.

Charmingdesigns said...

That table is beautiful!!! What kind of machine do you use??? Laurie

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit this but it's just a basic Kenmore. I can't manage anything more complicated!! :c} said...

I can see why she wanted to sell them, wow, really pretty!

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