Monday, October 20, 2008

Attack of The Killer Bugs... and "Giveaway Winner"

Last night right about the time the sun was setting huge no I mean HUGE bugs were seen wondering down Olas Altas. That would be the street the sea wall is built against. In Mexico that barrier area is referred to as the Melacon. Okay back to the news: Last night the citizens of Mazatlan were treated to a wonderful troupe of puppeteers. This is a group of artists from Spain that travel to many different countries preforming with their puppets. They are made of gesso & painted canvas over steel frames. And just like all true puppets they are only manipulated by hand. Depending on the size of the bug there is at least one guy pedaling like mad what looks like a modified bicycle. He's the one who provides the forward motion. :c} Then there is a couple of guys behind the steel frame that bring up the "rear" and keep the bug from wondering to far a field. With the Praying Mantis there are also a few puppeteers walking along beside who help manipulate the legs.

This was another event put on by the Mazatlan Cultural Department. It was free to the community and a number of city buses provided transportation directly to Olas Altos. Like every event in Mexico there was a wonderful party atmosphere. People started showing up hours before the performance, Space was sorta limited. There was the sea wall on one side of the street and building on the other. So if you wanted a "good" spot you needed to get there early. Hmm what to do?? what to do?? to kill time until 7pm? Why of course you pack the ice chest, throw in a few munchies. towels and the ever present "boom box" . Head down to the beach at Olas Altos for a relaxing swim, and impromptu party ;c} Or slip on a pair of shades and bike down to the Melacon, to enjoy some cotton candy with your buds while you wait :c}

And now for the announcement of the winner of my little "giveaway". We put all the names in an empty Dutch Boy paint bucket. Don't you just love those new plastic screw top paint buckets?? :c} They are way cool and I can think of a hundred things to store in them :c} Oh Yea we shook up all the names and LW reached inside and drew out.... Karin from One Perfect Little Miracle as our winner!!! Woooo Hoooo Karin I'll get the package off to you as soon as I get to the "Northern Lands"

Thanks to all my new Bloglandian friends for making my first ever giveaway so much fun. :c} I can't wait to have another one as soon as I can convince an unsuspecting 'Mule" to take it north to post it ;c}

Okay kids I need to run. "I'm leavin of a jet plane" (who sang that remember??) in less the 23 hours, that is if I get a move on it. Projects have now officially come to an end and the packing has begun. I will do my best to post a bit while I'm gone but with only 4 days for new baby fixes so I can't make any promises. But with LW's help I'll have a little something new to see when you come a callin this week :c}

Take care my Bloglandian neighbors and have a wonderful day or evening depending on what part of the world you are in :c}


GlorV1 said...

That was fun, great pictures.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Hi Patti~
Loved your parade of bugs. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Wanted to let you know I am up and going now so please stop by again. Everyone has been so nice and friendly. Think I am going to love this blogland.



have a great time

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