Friday, October 03, 2008

Yard Sales

That all American love affair with Yard Sales, Tag Sales, Garage Sales, is not much more then a passing curiosity here. I suppose it's because here things are used, reused, repurposed, and parted out. There isn't much of the I'm tired of this or have to much stuff so I'll just have a yard sale. Things here get passed down and passed around until no one is sure what it started out as. :c} There is always someone that can find a use for anything.

With more US and Canadian expats moving to Mexico more Mexicans are being introduced to the ubiquitous Yard Sale. Up north you can always tell when Spring has arrived as the yard sale announcements begin breeding and attaching themselves to any solid vertical surface. News papers have whole sections devoted to then. They go so far as listing them by areas and neighborhoods. I've even heard where some papers compose a neat clip and run packet for those real hard core addicts. :c}

Here the news tends to travel a little different route. There is no signs on telephone poles, no adds in the classified sections of the city's papers. Here you don't find the ladies of the neighborhood having coffee and planning out strategies on who's sales to hit first and which ones will have the best junk... treasures. Instead they more then likely are sitting out on the sidewalk with the fans plugged into the living room outlets, wiping the sweat off their faces with their terrycloth sweat rags, shaking their heads while saying "you would not believe what those crazy Americans are doing"!!! "What!!! You can't mean that!!?? I've heard about them doing some really dumb things but this defies ..."

Yard sale announcements are far and few between I'll bet there isn't more then a dozen all year long. There is a bulletin board that the expats use for announcements, houses for rent, cars for sale and yard sales. They are posted on the expat forums. And of course there is always the good old word of mouth, pipe line. Most of the sales occur in the "Season" that's Nov 1st to May 1st. That's when the population increases because of the migration of the migratory species known as "Snowbirds" :c} Well much to us full timer's surprise a yard sale announcement went out over the pipe line. 'Huge yard sale. Everything must , repeat EVERYTHING must go!!! So of course we all willing pitched in and did our part to be sure EVERYTHING DID GO!! :c}
"Well of course I really don't need anything LW but it wouldn't hurt to at least go by" :c}

Want to see the little stash that came home with us?? ;c} Who isn't always looking for a picture frame now and then?? The cute pink polka dot and green fabrics on the right of the picture are.... sorry you'll have to check back here on Sunday for "Show and Tell Sunday" if you want to find out :c} Folded under the treasures is an old (Import market I'm sure) Indian mirrored wall hanging. It hung just long enough in our hot, humid, salty air to gain that limp sorry looking patina that is so necessary for that fab shabby chick ;c} look!! Or maybe cut up and used for any number of projects.

But the real score for the day is this CUTE teapot, sugar & creamer set!! It's hard, okay impossible to see but the little pink things are rose buds. Between them if you squint your eyes and cock your head just so there are little white dots, sorta that dotted Swiss look. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. However Miss Laurie and Miss Dawn try not to get to attached to them!! :c}

So as you can see even here if one is willing to go the extra mile you can find a fix to this little addiction :c}

Have a good day or evening fellow Bloglandians depending on what part of Bloglandia you live in, rest up tomorrow is another "Yard Sale Saturday" ;c}


Charmingdesigns said...

Love your story and treasures!! Yes, I'm eying your sweet tea set! lol. I just ordered some vintage dotted swiss fabric, I can't wait to get it. Ok, I cant find where I put your email...please write me again. You haven't given me colors.! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend! Laurie

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this post and how lucky you are to be living your dream. Yeah...I admit it...I went to yard sales this morning. :) Found some fabulous old floral curtains.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

That is SO interesting! I'll bet it will catch on...well if there is anything left to sell.

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