Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Counting the Days and a GIVEAWAY !!!

There are exactly SEVEN days until my plane leaves Mazatlan by way of Phoenix. Where I get to clear customs change airlines and enjoy a 5 hour wait. :c} Hey I'm not complaining, it's thanks to LW diligent searching that I don't have a 17 hour layover!! :c{ Then back on a plane to fly to Boise (Idaho).
This is the trip to meet my new grandson!! Surly I don't look old enough to have a grandson. This is the spot my friends are suppose to jump in and say "Of course you don't look anywhere near old enough"!!

If I put my nose to the grind stone I should be ready to go by the time Tuesday arrives. We have all but the last few Christmas gifts together. I finished my sewing today. Now it's down to putting gifts together. And consolidating the list of things to bring back from the States. This is my first trip back to the Northern Land in two years. As list goes mine isn't all that long. We have tried very hard to not rely on US products. It is much less trouble and stress to substitute Mexican brands and products. There are many brands we can get here but are a lot more expensive because they are imported. BUT there are some things that you just can't find here that although you can live without, they are nice to have. For me it's the sewing notions and craft supplies. Trims, laces, ribbons, and buttons :c} As for materials, I can't find cotton prints or calico. You know the cotton that all the stores have up north, the cottons used in quilt making. So my plan is to pack one bag with a duffel bag inside it. That way I only have to pay the extra for the 2nd bag on the return trip. Hmmmmm I think that means I better work on consolidating my consolidate list!! :c}

Now for the Giveaway. I think in honor of many first I should have a giveaway. First grandchild, first blog, first time back to the US, and first trip without LW :c{. I still don't have it all put together yet but I promise I will before Tuesday :c} I think maybe a few things you might be able to use in your projects that are from here, and Central America.

These are hand embroidered remnant pieces from Guatemala. Wouldn't they beautiful worked into a quilt or tote or.... Okay that's a start check back in a day or so to see what else I have found to add.

Now for the directions for my Giveaway. Don't worry they are quite simple. First leave me a comment on today's or any postings until Sunday the 19th. Sunday evening I'll have the ever trust worthy old Eagle Scout, LW draw a name. Now if you post my give away on your blog your name will be entered twice. THIS IS THE ONLY REQUIREMENT ---when you leave your comment you need to leave me a mailing address!!!! I will have to take the giveaway up to the States with me and mail it from there. So if I don't have an address for you by Monday how do I send you the package?? :c}

It's off the bed for this little Bloglandian, wishing you a good evening or day depending on what part of the world you live in. Be sure to leave me your comments, it could be a long spell until the next giveaway :c{


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Pattie!! I'm so very happy for you getting to go meet your beautiful grandson ~ he is so adorable! Sounds like quite a journey too. Too bad you can't ship yourself a care package so you don't have to bring it all home on the plane. I would love to be entered into your giveaway and hope you have a great trip north!! xxoo, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Grandchildren bring such joy to a family! Congratulations!!!
Wonderful giveaway!
Diane Soroko
472 Hart Street

Leau said...

Beautiful things! I would be delighted to provide an addy once I win this giveaway...

Anonymous said...

congratulations on that beautiful grandchild. hope you have a great trip. your giveaway looks fantastic - would love to be entered.
Renee Stien
3553 Pawnee Dr SE
Alexandria, MN 56308

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