Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Surely I'm Not Addicted , Am I??

Well technically I couldn't be addicted to TV, since we are a no TV family. When it came time to pack our little 5'/8' trailer that we moved our life down here with we didn't have room to stuff a TV.
So we agree we'd buy one when we got here. When we first got here it seemed like there were some things we wanted or needed more then a TV. You know like a bed, a sofa, table, chairs... So we just sorta kept putting it off. That was 4years and 11months ago, and we still haven't bought one. Just don't seem to have time to watch the darn thing, nor much of a desire. I know it's kinda amazing, people are always shocked when they ask us if we saw such and such and we reply with "sorry we don't have a TV". If we want to watch a movie we use our lap tops. It's not a 52" screen but that whole concept is some how scary to me. I mean how sexy is anyone when their head is 50inches???

Okay moving along, to confronting my demon. For years I have listen to people talk, read in news and magazine articles and even read on blogs how the reality show Project Runway is soooooo addicting.
How it just sucks you in and before you know it shazam... So last month while I was whiling away those middle of the night hours as "nurse Nancy" I stumbled on to some old episodes of Project Runway. Ah ha here's my chance to see what every one's keeps going on about. So I watched one and then another one and another and another and before I knew it I had watched a whole season. How can that be?? But that's not the worse of it. Did you know that if you google "watch project runway free" all kinds of episodes show up on "you tube"?? Oh my God there went another whole season!! And you know what?? It really does suck you in.
Oh I can do with a whole lot less of the dramatics (but that's what advertisers say sells) and a whole lot more of the designers creations. But the nice thing about my computer and "you tube" is I can fast forward through the adolescent acting dribble and hit the stop and backup button when I want to see how something was made.

 I heard through the Bloglandia pipeline that the new season started last week. So off to "you tube" I went. Well you know, just to see what that first challenge was all about. I figure I should be able to control this slight addic obses affliction thing because I'm not able to watch the current week's episode for a couple of day after it airs. Got to wait for someone to hurry up and post their recording.

 I however have managed to make use of all that college education I have, cuz I can both rationalize and justify watching the show as long as I'm creating my own wearable art while I watch!! :)

So want to see one of the pieces I made??
 I started out with this vintage fru fru watch case that were so popular 15+ years ago. Took the guts out. Filled the space with a bit of sand, a couple of teeny tiny shells and a little white freshwater pearl. Set it with a bit of resin, and put the case back together.
Then I strung two different size strands of "shell pearls" in the same greens,golds and bronzes as the flowers on the watch case. At the top (back) of the necklace are 4 (on each side) square mother of pearl beads. The MOP is in the same colors as the pearls. cool huh??
 Added a little brass colored milagro and tied a wee bit of vintage silk ribbon on and I'm liking the results.
Okay Bloglandians until next time..."make it work".... woooo could that be a sign of borderline addi....?? Ahhhh how about Have a most audacious and art filled day no matter where in the world
you are.   p;)
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