Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mette -N- Joe Go Surfing

If you get bored looking at other parents "Baby Pictures" you might want to pass my post on by. Cuz dang if these aren't some of the coolest baby pictures of my oldest "baby"  You might remember Mette and Joe got married hours before the last tropical storm of the season hit South Carolina. So instead of doing the day after the wedding pictures the day after the wedding they did them the week after, when they returned from their honeymoon. :) I thought I just  share a few because they are sooooo amazing. Tracy Turpen is the Photographer and she truly is the most incredibly gifted artist!!!!.

These two kids are truly hard core water babies!!!! Remember this is November the air temp is in the low 70s and the water temp is the mid 70s. And this is the child that was born wearing a full set of polar fleece. She owns more polar fleece then some stores do :)

Both kids graduated from college with normal (what ever that is) college degrees. Both kids love the non traditional water sports so they are carving out careers that allow them to combine their addiction with bring home the bacon.  What they explained to their woefully out of touch mother is that Stand Up Paddle Surfing is a fast growing off shoot of board surfing and kayak paddling. What ever,  I think it looks like loads of fun and a darn site less painful then the old fashion surfing!! :)

Some times the water is smooth as glass

And some times there are some nice swells to ride to shore on.

Joe makes it look easy enough don't you think?? :)

Oh and trust me I'd be back peddling a lot harder then that if there was a chance I would meet that frigid water up close and personal!!!

Looks like a scene out of "Water World"

Trust me she is a most amazing woman but she really can't walk on water :)

Follow your dreams and live only in today......

Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are  p;)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The After Christmas Posting Blues

Ahhhhh the lazy post Christmas days, so nice to just slow down put you feet up with a cup of tea maybe read a bit. :) So then what does one post about??? Like a lot of my Northlander blogging friends I don't have beautiful (although only in pictures) white Christmas pictures to share. Believe me if I did LW and the firkids would be mutinying!! And I'd be right behind them. I'm not stupid enough to post our sand, surf, palm tree pictures yet. I mean for you snow babies the honeymoon isn't quite over yet. You still LOVE the beautiful, pristine, sparkly, fluffy stuff, and can't imagine living in a non four season location. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh you just wait....... a couple of weeks from now when the evil stuff has turned to dirty, crusty, icy, frigid muck, the stuff that tries Man's and Woman's patients, my tropical beach pictures will be looking pretty darn good! :)

So back to the posting dilemma. What pictures to post? Since there has been no divine vision on that front perhaps a few pictures of some of the the beads I managed to score from our one and only little bead store. Yep the one that closed then reopened to sell off inventory so they can close for good...SOOOOB....   

I found a couple of nice size pieces of imperfect citron. The square one is a nice yellow with the other piece is a very slight lemon yellow. I also found some irregular imperfect cut bright green peridots

I found these baby blue glass pearls, that once Martha sees them they for sure will need to be used in a necklace with her name on it!! :)

Now if these big bright red glass beads don't scream fun I don't know what does!!

How about some nice imperfect mossy colored jade???

These are some of my favorites. They are dark red brown garnets which of course are two of my favorite colors. But the reason I love them, well actually the reason I'm quite enamored with all these stones is because it's very evident they are far from perfect. Fissures, imperfections, inclusions, little chips they have all those wonderful character marks. And to me that makes them far more interesting. I think perfection is rather boring don't you???

This last stone is a piece of  Mexican Amber The amber in Mexico and Northern Guatemala is not the amber of the Balkans For one thing it's younger by a few million years and the trapped plant and animal life is different. The resin is different also as it comes from a different extinct tree, in fact there are currently trees in the state of Chiapas that have the same chromosome makeup as the extinct ones. The Chiapas Amber miners ancestors where from both the  Mayan and Aztec civilizations. There is and has been great exploitation of these miners. Therefore I will only buy amber from one young man who  brings rather small imperfect pieces that his family brings out of their family mines, but the amber buyers refuse to even look at. You know the "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" pieces. Those amazingly  imperfect pieces full of  beautiful character marks. :)  Sorry no identifiable bugs maybe a few black ant dots. I leave the buggy pieces for him to sell to the tourist.

I think it's time for me with my character marks and barnacles to put on a pair of comfy jammies and fix a cup of tea. As for you my Bloglandian friends I wish you a very audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are  p;)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Candle

A Christmas candle is a lovely thing,

It makes no noise at all, But softly gives itself away

While quite unselfish it grows small
Eva K Logue
My wish for all of Bloglandia is a wonderful holiday season filled with love,happiness and amazing memories!!

Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are. p;)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Very Own Wilma Flintstone Necklace!!

When we were up in the Northlands last month I picked up a fashion magazine (sorry I can't even begin to remember which one) and noticed a set of pearls. They were huge pearls but simply strung and they tied around the neck with a wide black ribbon. I thought they would be so much fun to make and wear. And because the beads were Wilma Flinstone size they would look really spiffy with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. Soooo when I go home I found some nice fat 14mm glass pearl beads at our little bead store. And since it's going out of business the string was marked down to $30pesos (less then $3US) Instead of a black ribbon I used a deep rich burgandy 1&1/2 inch wide satin ribbon.

I had these great vintage rhinestone clips that would be perfect, to attach the ribbons to the string of pearls.

But the I ran into a couple of anoying issues!! :( First I've learned the hard way that not all pot metal is the same. Not all pot metal is the same on the same piece. Not a big deal unless you find a hunk that you can't solder to!! And so it was the other day. I got 2 of the bars and one of the rings soldered on when no way was the fourth one going!!! See the picture below see the point of the arrow??? That's where it wasn't going to stick. Sooooo I grabbed a heavy eye to a hook and eye set and some heavy waxed thread and "sewed it on" To be extra sure I glue the thread with some E6000. A jump ring was all I needed to attach the clip with the ribbon to the beads. Yippie ready for a test drive. Annoying point number two. I am sooooooooo uncooridinated that the harder I tried to tie a pretty bow in the back the worse it got to looking. Plus the two rhinestone pieces wouldn't lay together right! I finally had to set it down and walk away. Well I came up with a workable solution even if it's not very professional, but then I'm not selling it so no one really has to know. ;)

I made a "clip on bow tie" Yep that's what I did. I took the hook part to the hook and eye and sewed it onto the bead side of the necklace. So now the necklace closes without being to odvious. As for the ribbon I tied it into a lovely bow between the two clips, and because I'm a lazy girl at heart I stitched the bow down so it doesn't come untied!! Well if it was going to be a clip on bow tie I thought I should do it right , don't you think! :)

Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are p;)

P.S. Ha I just got an email from Wilma that said "You Go Girl!!!"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finished Challenge Project & A Wee Bit Of Christmas

This is the first time I have been able to submit to the monthly art challenges of The Art Bead Scene Blog. The one requirement they have is there must be at least one art bead in your design. I have very few (more like close to none) art beads. But this month's challenge is based on a painting by Lee Krasner "Untitled". The copy I have under my necklace doesn't do it any favors but if you look at the one on ABS blog you can see that the colors are much richer and deeper. The white markings look a lot like the decorations used in many different African Nations by the indigenous people in their cultural art. I just happen to have a hand made clay bead that was made for me years ago by a nurse from Namibia. She also made the small dark blue clay beads with the white markings. Sooooo finally I have a bead that fits the requirements and works perfect with the challenge art work. :)

I strung the beads on a torn strip of vintage sari silk. The coils are 18 gauge bronze Vintaj wire The blue and dark brown beads are hand made African glass beads. I found both strings in Asheville when we were in the States last month. I LOVE them. I think they show off the raw beauty of what a bit of sand and fire can create. They are very crude and really haven't been fru fru or sissified up!

For the clasp I decided to use 2 vintage rhinestone earrings. One because I never choose doing the predictable when I have a choice. I also couldn't help but notice the chameleon nature that glass is. No matter, how simple or elaborate, what it's used for or what form it is given it all starts out as simple grains of sands.

How about a couple of pictures of how our little tropical patio is getting into the Holiday mood. Oh but what is that I see perched way up there on the top of the Christmas Tree??? ;) Could it be......

Well yes it most certainly is......
Our little Misfit Angel has indeed become the tree topper. Seeeeee if you believe in yourself and trust in your own abilities you really can make your dreams come
true ;)

I love to borrow and blend the traditions of different cultures. So this year our "Advent Decoration" (wreath) are the four advent Sunday's candles in hand painted china cups from Japan. In the center is our hand made Mexican "Nativity Scene"
It's made in the traditional style and created by the indigenous artists in the state of Oaxaca.
Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are p;)

Friday, December 11, 2009

An Angel In Training

Remember the sad looking little bisque doll with the hand painted roses on her face that Laurie sent me????? Sorta???? Look down there's her picture. Any way she's been sitting on my art desk since we got home. Both of us have been wondering just where she might fit in here. Well the other day I had LW get the Christmas tree and decorations out. Yes shhhh... we have a fake tree. And for the first time in my adult life. But I ask you what's a girl suppose to do when she is 3000+miles from the nearest Christmas trees???? Oh we can get real trees here. They come in off of trucks the 2-3 weeks before Thanksgiving. Okay let me clarify, the trunks branches and a few brave (brown) needles that have managed to hang on, are unloaded. Placed outside in 80+degree weather waiting to either go home with someone before they drop their 3 remaining needles or spontaneously combust!! So after going without a tree the first year we now have a shhhh... fake one.

Well when the little misfit dollie noticed that there was not an angel to top our tree she started begging Begging BEGGING to become the tree top angel. Well that was until she caught a look at her reflection in the mirror Jeez then the tears started.

When I tried to explain to her that an angel has to earn her wings before she can have tree topper duties, all she did was cry harder! :( Well wasn't there anything I could do??? She just knew there was an angel inside of her that only needed a bit of help to shine. "I just know that's why Laurie painted the beautiful rose on my face and sent me to you" So into the scrap box we dug. We found the sleeve from a felted white (now pink that's what happens when you wash white with a red sweater). It only had a couple of moth holes. We found a panel of lace curtains. It was old enough it was a lovely shade of ivory, and it only had a few holes. A few patches later and we now had an angel in training dress and cape.

PSSSSTT she said, there's the small matter of... I have no hair !! Oh no not more tears :( Hmmm this took a bit of thinking. What about a bit of sisal twine??? We could even make sorta curls. GREAT bring on the Elmer's!! :)

We found these funky flower painted clay beads in my stash. Look it has a red rose to match Laurie's Wouldn't one be peeerfect as a (pretend) candle?? Pretend I asked?? Well you don't really think I'm putting these beautiful new curls that close to a flame do you??? See the little rosary she has on??? You can see the cross down at her feet. That is a tiny vintage (yep I'm that old) pink glass bead rosary that I was given from my Italian grandmother when I was baptized. We figured we were going to need a few miracles to pull this one off :)

Okay all that's left is the hard part. Ya can't be a tree topper until you have earned your wings and halo. We are a bit short on time here. Christmas is only 13ish days away. Well I guess I could make a set of stand in, let's call them "training wings&halo" ;) Copper wire, some beads and a bit of netting should do just fine. Oh no not the tears again, now what's wrong??? How am I suppose to keep these training wings on??? Oh I'll never earn my wings never. Not to fear Little One that's what giant safety pins are for!!! YIPPEE!!!

And so Auntie Laurie that's how your poor rescued little dollie is patiently waiting to be placed on the top of our tree.
Now all that's left to do is wait to hear a little bell tinkle...

Do have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are p;)

P.S. Pictures soon of an angel atop our tree I promise! :)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What Can This Be???

Remember a couple of posting ago I admitted to my slight addiction to beautiful visual noise??? I shared with you the Scandinavian and French blogs I escape to. Well my addiction really goes deeper then that. I am and have been a hopeless art/home magazine junkie! :) But even worse I'm an elitist magazine junkie. Back in the 80-90s not a month went by without my Victoria, Country Home, Country Living, and Home Companion magazine fixes. They were all stuffed full of incredibly beautiful fluff, eye candy--"Visual Noise". Victoria and Home Companion especially focused on women artist, crafts (wo)men and entrepreneurs. Women who "got it" who were like us, who learned to turn sows' ears into silk purses. Ah but times changed, now the advertises dictate what the content will be. So over the last couple of years I haven't renewed subscriptions to my old favorites, I refused to pay for a mag. of advertisements. :(

When I stumbled in to Bloglandia I also discovered some wonderful publications that like the old friends of the past "got it" and focused on the artist/craft(wo)man. Oye that's all it took for this junkie. There are all the Stampington/ Somerset Art publications, many of the other paper art and jewelry magazines. And the most wonderful part is they are not advertisment driven!!! YAA HOO

One publication I stumbled on when I discovered the Scandinavian and French blogs is a Danish one called Jeanne d'Arc Living. OH MY GOD!!!!! This magazine is stuffed from cover to cover in the most amazingly beautiful homes, gardens, artists, entrepreneurs!!!! The magazine is the brain child of 2 Danish women who started out creating art for themselves, then for family and friends, then started selling it and quietly grew their company without the outside influence of the big marketing/advertising companies. Last winter they decide to publish a mag. and do it basically by themselves. One does the photographing, one writes the articles. The only advertisement they allow is a few women business owners and it's confined to the last pages of the magazine.

The only way you can get a copy in the States is through a cyber or brick and mortar store that sells the girl's merchandise. Then get your order in early cuz the few allotted copies go in the blink of an eye!! :( Mind you the first 2 or 3 publications were only in Danish. Heck you don't care if you can get your hands on one of them. :) With the Fall issue they also publish an English addition!! YIPPIE!! I ordered my winter/Holiday issue from a lovely new cyberstore owned by Tracey Leber, "French Larkspur" LW found it waiting in our mailbox today!!!! YEAH!!!!! SO like a kid on Christmas morning I couldn't wait to rip the parcel open, until I pulled it out of the packing envelope. I was so thrilled and impressed with the way Tracey took the extra time to put together such a beautiful presentation!!! She wrapped the magazine in this incredible brown and taupe jacquard tissue paper Tied it up with a piece of gray trim

Under the trim she added a vintage page from a book of sonnets in French. Then tied a wonderful tag with scenes of Paris

On the back she added a stamp of a Paris post mark. Her thoughtfulness was so amazing!! What a wonderful prelude to the beautiful, it's more like a book a beautiful coffee table book!! There is absolutely nothing but the most professional photography and layouts.

Well here I'll let you have a couple of peeks. This issue is done in sepia tones with hints of muted color added. It's reminiscent of old cabinet cards that have had a bit of color wash added here and there!!

They have DYI articles and a few recipes, of dishes for the special occasions that occur.

Then the homes they spot lite are homes of women like us, like me. Happy living in my little house trolling flea markets, thrift stores, and outings of "junkin" Turning those found sow's ears into imaginative one of a kind silk purses :)

You never know Tracey may have a few copies left if you head over to her store. If she does treat yourself to a most delectable afternoon or evening of blissful reading and dreaming along with inspirations to keep you busy well into next year. You won't regret it!!

As for me my Bloglandian friends I'm off to fix a cup of tea and slide between the covers of Jeanne d'Arc Living. Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are p;)
PS. Next posting I'll share a couple of projects. Remember the poor naked bisque baby Laurie sent??? :)
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