Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthday Gift and 389 Scrabble Letters

Now you might be wondering what Birthday and scrabble letters have to do with eachother. Remember a couple of post back I said I bought 389 scrabble letters on eBay?? I figure I better start finding ways to use them since they took up precious room in my luggage :c}

Our friends, Miguel and Helena (it's pronounced alana long 1st & 2nd A, in Spanish the H is silent and the e is a long a sound) started out making and selling their jewelry on Saturday nights at the Plaza Machado. With Miguel's talent and Helena's business sense they now own a wonderful gallery with Miguel's jewelry and many other South and Central American artist's work. Their shop Casa Etnika is in the front of an old colonial home, and opens up on the home's courtyard.

Helena and I also share November as our birthday month. SO I thought it might be fun to make her birthday present with some of the scrabble letters. I'm just getting started but I took the letters that spell Helena and will place one letter on a tag. Then choose a word that begins with that letter (in Spanish of course) and decorate the tag for to match the word. Here is the tag for the N. N is for Nido (nest). Then on the back of the card I wrote both the Spanish and English word. I started the A tag last night also, A is for Angel (Angel it's the same except in Spanish the A has an accent mark) I'm still working out the board, or background you know something to hang the finished tags on. Maybe a piece of old drift wood?? What do you guys think ?? Any suggestions on how or what to hang the tags so they spell out Helena are very welcome :c}??

This afternoon is a trip to Centro for LW's coffee beans and a stop at the English library. By the time we do all the visiting along the way from where the car is parked to the shops it will be time to get home to feed the crew! :c} Hope you have a good day or evening my Bloglandia neighbors depending on what part of the world you live in :c}


GlorV1 said...

What a great idea and how nice of you. I love the courtyard, it beckons for relaxation and enjoyment. Take care.

Leona Raisin said...

Scrabble is good, but don't say no to anagrams. And do not say nay per nuns.

Gill - That British Woman said...

what a super idea, very creative.

Gill in Canada

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