Saturday, October 18, 2008

When Is A Tin Can Not A Tin Can?? When It's....

A Basket !!! This week at Awfully Big Art Adventure the challenge was to create using a tin can. I haven't attempted any of the challenges yet, thinking I would when I got home from Idaho. But I always check the blog to see the resulting creations. The tin can art was really great and very imagintive!! :c}

The other day LW and I went to the Mercado ( the big city market ) for veggies, cheese etc. I ran to my favorite stall that sells every day handmade clay plates, bowels and the like. I wanted to pick up a couple of tiny clay pots, for my little collection. It is a tradition in Mexican kitchens to display these little clay objects. It brings the kitchen good luck and many blessings. So I picked up a couple of pots and the young fellow that was working for his mom told me they had a new "value pack. They had packaged up 5 little pots and cups in a cute little basket. Perfect!!! Today I got around to finally unwrapping and emptying the basket. That's when I discovered the basket was made of a tin can that was cut to make the "stays" to the basket. Then thin plastic tubing was woven through to create the body. The handle is a piece of metal strapping cut and bent to attach it, and then wrapped in white plastic webbing material. Until you look at the bottom of the basket you have no idea it started as a tin can!!

When I was younger I use to marvel at how my Mom could create wonderful, beautiful things from "nothing" a gift she was given from her mom. My grandmother was the wife of a hard working man who made his living logging and building rail road tracks. She raised 3 sons and my Mom during the depression in logging and railroad camps. They knew the meaning of POOR. However my Mon use to say that no matter what was needed my grandmother always came up with a solution. And so it was with my Mom. When ever I asked how she did it, or how was she able to find a workable solution she would bend down and whisper in my ear, "Necessity breeds creativity" ;c}

THANKS so much to everyone that helped with my cry for help last night !!! Your answers worked great :c}
So that my Bloglandian friends is when a tin can is not a tin can. It's a basket!! Have a good day or evening depending on what part of the world you are in :c}



loooove the tin can basket

~*~Patty S said...

Such a brilliant transformation of a common can = Love it!!!!

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