Sunday, October 12, 2008

Project Gift Box and a Give Away

Paper crafts are still in their infancy most of Mexico. I suppose in Mexico City that might not be the case. But by mutual consent (Mexico City and the rest of the country) Mexico City is it's own island. Sorta like DC in the States. :c} Any way being out in the provincial west things develop slower. Scrapbooking is not something people spend time on. They do create memory books for special occasions but they are by no means any where as elaborate as in the Northern lands. As far as altered art ...nope.

Yesterday I decided I would make a gift box to put my friend Luci's birhtday present in. Since it's a necklace and earrings maybe a little jewel or treasure box might be fun. Now don't get me wrong paper and paper products are plentiful. For gift wraps, ribbons writing paper and glues, pencil and pens you go to the Papelaria (paper store). They are so popular that there is one on every block. But for paper boxes, bags or mailing supplies you must go to the paper package store. As far as craft supplies, they might be at the Fabric store, or the Art Supply store, or the Party Store, or not anywhere. That's when you make decoupage medium out of white glue, and google clay and other recipes. ;c}

I decided to use a card board box that opens like a lunch bag. I printed out roses from clip art and glued them on the outside. For the inside I glued a scrap of tapestry left over from making tote bags.

Then I printed out and glued on Flamenco dancers, castanets, and fans then gave the whole thing a few coats of decoupage. When it was dry I went hunting in my stash box for pieces of left over ribbon, lace, buttons and whatever else I just can't throw away. Well you never know when that ravelly ( a word? I don't think so) piece of lace is going to be the inspiration piece for a creation!! :c} Place all my little treasures in the perfect places glued them down and glued beads on for feet. Every beauty needs her ruby slippers.

Have you heard that my friend Laurie at Laurie's Charming Designs is having a give away?? If you haven't gone by for a visit stop over and leave her a comment. You never want to miss a chance to own some of her art work. She creates the most adorable birdies!!!

Tomorrow is a sewing day. I leave for the great white north, (hey don't laugh Boise had inches of snow this weekend) :c{ on the 21st and I need a few colder winter skirts. So my Bloglandian friends have a good day or night depending on what part of the world you live in :c}

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating!!!! How do you do that? I have tried and always made a mess of it. You have a lot of talent. And my what a place to use it.

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