Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Two Post One Night... Shocking!!

This is way to good of news to keep until tomorrow!! My new bloglandian friend Lulu of Coastal Sisters is having a wonderful weekly give away in Dec. ; c) This week is a beautiful pair of earrings she created!! So when you are finished reading today's two ( yep count them two) postings head over to Lulu's blog sign up for her give away and meet the newest fur baby in their family!! ;c)


glorv1 said...

I'm trying to accumulate 200 posts by the end of December 31. I have 153 so I need 47 posts before the end of the month. I did two posts today as well. I'll head on out to Lulu's to just check out her blog. Thx for sharing.

Coastal Sisters said...

Pattie...you are just awesome to post this on your Blog! Thank you my dear!!!

I am Miss *insert expletive here* Cranky Pants this morning because the new litte fur baby got up at 4am. I am NOT complaining though...she slept from 11pm-4am so I got some sleep but I am still cranky!!!! I am off to the coffee pot. I actually need an IV caffine drip this morning.


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