Monday, December 29, 2008

Orange a While Longer

One of the first questions we are asked by people that find out we moved to Mexico is how did you move your Things?? There are as many ways to move here as there is expats that move here. Because LW and I had only been roomies for a little more then a year we didn't have a whole house full of "we" stuff. The decision to start fresh was fairly easy for us. Hiring a moving company is very costly and we really had nothing that carried so many of our memories that we needed to have. When the time came for us to begin packing, we bought a 5ft by 8ft utility trailer. You know the same kind as your lawn guy hauls his mowers in. In the garage we marked out a 5/8 space and LW drew a line 5ft up on the wall {that way I wouldn't keep stacking to the garage ceiling;) } and then we started. By the time we shut the door and hit the road we where carrying all our worldly possessions :)

Our life in our new house in Mexico was a lot like your first home. After we got here we needed a bed and bed room furniture, living room, dining rm, sun rm. Except for a few keepsakes there wasn't much fluff either. This didn't really seem to bother LW but it made me feel awful undressed. So for the past 2 &1/2 years we have literally been feathering our nest ;) There are a couple of reasons why we have not progressed at lightening speed. 1) some how at birth both LW and I were separated from our inherited fortunes so priorities are necessary:( 2) Sometimes decisions have to be made; do we buy this piece or do we take this trip?? I don't know about you BUT unlike the popular saying that says "the guy with the most toys win" we know that it's "the guys with the most memories wins!!"

So that brings me to the "Orange" in the title. We inherited an orange bedroom. Not screaming orange it was a more mellow orange with a bit of umber. And I must say after the 3+ years it has been up it has mellowed even more. The only thing is I'm not so thrilled about an orange bedroom. One with only one window with an overhanging roof. The room is small and tucked in a corner so bright and light are not two describing words for the room :( I would dearly love to get my brushes into some paint on that wall, but alas there have been other walls to paint and light fixtures and... Well you know the story. Since it is very evident that painting our room did not make it to the top of the "Day after New Years project" list this year, I will wake up to orange walls for awhile.

Since Dulce is on vacation it was my turn to clean our room. While I was pulling the bed away from the wall in order to better seek out and destroy the enemy mutant dust bunnies I decided if I couldn't change it I mine as well join it. I gathered up some of the "Mona Lisas" we have collected, some french ribbon, candles and dried roses and went to work on the wall above our bed. Canopy is out because of the huge ceiling fan. Elaborate fabric wall treatments are way not practical. We live in dust central and that dust is black and slicky. Looks just like coal dust, could that be because we have some of the dirtiest power plants? So that puts me back to an easily cleaned decor. I'm pretty tickled with the way it came out & LW is liking it :) Now I think a couple of decoupaged lamp shades and I can wake up to orange walls a while longer :)

How about you all, anyone with any "day after News Years projects"?? Come on share a bit. Leave me a comment, let me know you are out there!! Well my Bloglandian pals I'm off the do a bit of reading in our oh so chic (orange) bedroom :) You be sure to have a most audacious day or evening depending on where in the world you are ;)
PS How many of you noticed that LW's bedside table in reality is Nena's crate?? Well one must get creative when 5 dogs and two humans all sleep in one little room :) Besides it has a nice jacard and tassel throw on it!


Miss Sandy said...


I am so glad you stopped over for a visit and I loved your comment on memories!

Wow, that is a lot of orange. I love that you chose to embrace it until you have the time to tame it! The paintings and the frames you chose work well with the color.

When we moved into our home we inherited a blue house complete with a gust bath papered in rainbows! The floors were covered in blue vinyl, blue carpeting, all kinds of shades of blue on the walls, and one room even had blue gray paneling! Talk about having the blues! Over the years we have slowly erased all the blue and made the home more us.

I do have a project slated for this weekend ~ my living room. It is looking rather forlorn after removing all the holiday decor yesterday. I have lived with the new look for a while now and I think I am ready to commit to actually hanging something on the walls. I'll post on it after I get it done. Happy decorating!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

"Orange" you glad it's orange? LOL!

It looks pretty -- orange is truly underappreciated, in my humble graphic artist opinion! Sorry to hear about that dust, though -- we had nasty dust like that in Santa Fe, only it stained everything reddish -- and in east Texas, the dust just STUCK on things bad, like a film! Ugh!

Tracy M. said...
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Tracy M. said...

The Orange doesn't look that bad since you decorated it. Should be cheery to wake up to, maybe?

Thanks for visiting my Blog, I got a chuckle out of your comment and have updated.
Thanks and Happy New Year!!
Tracy M.

Coastal Sisters said...

I love the orange. Orange does not get enough appreciation (other than Halloweenie!) I really loved the way you arranged things on this wall.

I am sitting here visiting Blogs tonight while the Commander is upstairs sounding like he's out blowing up stuff again. I may be sleeping curled up on the couch tonight with all the fur babies around me.....I need my beauty sleep!


p.s. Gotta love him though :)

Coastal Sisters said...

Hi Big Sis!

Addendum to yesterday:

Scroll down towards the bottom of my Blog and you can see Moi (on the right. We really could be sisters...see?

Yes Virginia, there is a LuLu.

xashee's corner said...

You did a WONDERFUL job decorating!! looks soooooooo pretty!! Thank you so much for sharing how you moved too!! i really enjoy reading you!! hehe We have soo many 'day after New year projects' it will take a year!! lol Wishing you a very safe & Happy New Year!! looking forward to enjoying you through the next year!! :D

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh You are just amazing!! Lets see. Stacey and I went to Lowes....she picked up some paint chips, took them to her apt...called me and said..."guess what we are doing tomorrow!!" Painting the wall behind her bed...Purple!!! I'll share pictures!!! I love hearing your stories. It sounds so liberating to not have so much "stuff"Laurie

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Hi Pattie! I loved your post on your moving adventure! Congrat's on following your dreams. I wanted to visit and say "Thank You" for your wonderful visits to my blog this past year. Happy holidays and best wishes for a blessed New Year! ~ xo Joy

Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks...I changed my background...I don't know how to change the color of the Laurie

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