Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Decision Made and Tomorrow is the Day

Remember a while back I mentioned in passing that we were considering putting the tree out on the patio this year? Can't remember? No matter, cuz we (okay me) decided that is just the perfect place for the tree this year. For one thing it makes very good sense. With 5 dogs and 2 being pups who have never seen Christmas the tree on the porch allows for much better policing :c)

I'll try to give you a little insight to the logistics of decorating for Christmas like ya do up north (or anywhere Victoria reached) You know the traditional European decorating.

Let's start with the tree. We have an artificial tree as most people who put up trees do. Whether Mexican or foreign. Oh we get real trees we even have a couple of tree lots and of course the big box stores sell cut trees. Now I'm not really sure when these trees were cut to make the long journey here in time for Christmas. But it wouldn't surprise me if it was January 1st 2008 :c) No kidding. You can smell the wonderful pine fragrance when you bury your nose in the boughs. However to do that means you must come in contact with said boughs which means the needles will cascade off the branches. In fact any kind of movement within ten feet of the tree is guaranteed to cause a mass migration of needles to the floor. The trees are really not a beautiful pine color green either. More of a brown leaning towards green :c( Those trees that do make it home to become the magnificent Christmas tree have left a trail of needles in their wake. By Christmas day no one turns the tree lights on nor do they light a match anywhere closer then 100 feet. Spontaneous combustion comes to mind. Man it's a good thing we live in brick, cement and tile houses is all I have to say!!!

Tree ornaments. I have yet to find (here in Mazatlan) glass ornaments. I'm sure they must have them maybe in Mexico City or the much bigger cities. Our ornaments are plastic. But all is not lost because these ornaments are amazingly realistic. No kidding you really can't tell until you hold it in your hand or when it falls on the tile floor and doesn't break! :c) I'm sure there are plenty of reasons why glass isn't used. But for me the constant threat of broken glass is reason enough.

Supply and demand. Remember that all the "traditional" Christmas decorations stem from Western Europe. Soooo most of those decorations are imports. They are rather expensive and in limited supply. The stores will put their entire supply out on the shelves starting in early Oct. Therefore by the middle of November the shelves look like they have suffered a locus attack!! You know that phrase When it's gone it's gone or He who hesitates waits until next year :c)

What I have discovered from our friends and neighbors is that Mexico like most other Christian cultures has their own unique decorating and celebrating traditions. But like the other cultures it has incorporated different cultural traditions fit them in with their own to enjoy the celebration of Christmas.

Oh Yeah "Tomorrow is the Day" That's what I told LW. Time to unpack the tree and get to Decking the Halls & Patio. I'm signing off so I can check to be sure the camera battery is charged, and ready to go for tomorrow. I was a bit envious of Dawn from The Feathered Nest because she posted pictures of her tree beautifully decorated all in whites (It's always been a little dream of mine) Have a look here. Mexico loves color and shiny (translate bling) is even better. White is a non color no one uses white to celebrate unless it's a wedding. So a white tree is OUT No worries I'll post pictures of our bronze and gold decorated tree :c)

Have a wonderful day or evening my Bloglandian friends depending on where in the world you are. :c)


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Pattie!!! Bronze and gold sounds GORGEOUS to me!!! You are so very sweet about our tree ~ I'm obsessed with neutrals now as is a ton of antiquers around the country but what I love most is the peaceful look of it. At this stage in my life, peace. is. good! I can't wait to see your beautiful tree Pattie, enjoy decorating!!! xxoo, Dawn


Patti,Thanks for stopping in and checking on me! I know I can be often "hard to! But since I can not keep track of myself lately I am glad someone is keeping track of me! Not only is the holiday decorating business time crazy here for me (no tree up here yet) then my Mom breaks a tooth ( she has to have them all pulled..ouchy) then I hurt my back and am walking with mega SCREAMING pain. an eye on me will ya? Glad you found my selling blog...and IF I can sit long enough today I may have a LATE Friday Flea market post at my New store!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I can't wait to see your bronze and gold tree. I am a non traditionalist as I put the Christmas tree where it is out of the way. I hate having to move furniture to make room for a tree. If weather allowed it here I would have absolutely no problems putting the tree on a patio or porch. :)

Coastal Sisters said...

Oh Pattie...I can't wait to see your tree. I am sure it will be just wonderful!

Puppy Central is going pretty good. House breaking is going better than expected but nights are still the pits with all the whining and barking! I will be doing a lot of napping later on today :) Make sure to pop over after you and LW finish the tree!


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