Friday, December 19, 2008

Alert Alert!!! Santa Was On Our Block Last Night ;c)

Yes he was !!! Last night was our neighborhood Christmas party for the kids. Now we really don't have all that many kids living on our block. What we do have is a lot of Grandmas and Grandpas on our block. And you know where ever there are grandparents there are grand kids :c) LW was such a trooper and took pictures so I could share them here. Tomorrow night is the family block party. We all set up tables out in the street Oh that would be after we close off the block. You don't have to have the city's permission to close off your block to have any kind of get together cool huh?? We'll get the tables set up and then each family cooks their own dinner to eat.Although sharing happens all the time. We all sit together while we eat. No it's not pot luck that is a concept that hasn't come south of the boarder yet. There will be a live band set up and there will be dancing in the street until 1-2ish in the morning!!. I'll report all the details on Sunday just not to early :c)

This is the little program the kids put together for their family. There is a traditional party at Christmas that is called a Posada. This is when Mary and Joseph go looking for an inn to stay at. Traditionally the couple goes to three houses the first two refuse to give them room. The third one will let them stay in their stable. So it is at the third house that host the party, the posada. Because Mazatlan is so secular many of the old country traditions have been modified. In our block that is the case. There isn't the procession instead the kids do a small play on the stage, much like the kids program done in churches North of the Border.

LW wants me to apologize for the lighting. We don't have street lights so the pictures are a bit on the murky side. If you look hard in the middle of the tent on the last picture you can catch a glimpse of Santa Claus. He like Christmas trees, lights and many of the secular Christmas traditions that we grew up with are not traditions here.

This little cutie patootie is little Olivia she is Nari and Hernando's grand daughter. Nari looks after Olivia and her cousin Max while their parents work. Nari and Hernando live right next door.

This is Anna she also stays are her grandma's after school so her mom can work.

This very handsome young Caballero is Miguel he is Anna's cousin. He also stays at their grandmas while his mom works. One day we'll have to have a visit about the reason why day cares, hospice, and a number of other community services from up north aren't here.

This is Nari's youngest son. Manuel is a very special child !! He always brings me his art work so I can put it on our

Must run now we are having about 8-9 friends coming to eat with us. LW and I are fixing Paella YUUUUUM So my bloglandian friends have a wonderful day or evening depending on where you are in the world :c)


Miss Sandy said...

Wonderful customs and celebration! Thank you for sharing this special procession and the children are just adorable!

When you get a break for dancing in the streets pop over to my place and click on my email side bar link to send me your mailing address because, YOU ARE ONE OF THE WINNERS in my give away!!! Congrats and have fun!!!

LW said...

It's hard to see in the picture, but somebody forgot the cradle. So baby Jesus was in a red stroller. Ya gotta love the innovation!


Charmingdesigns said...

Stay warm and toastie this Holiday...oh ya...I guess I don't have to tell YOU that. Heehee!!Thanks for rubbing it in...that you are having wonderful weather!!! lol. Nice post! What are you working on these days? Laurie

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