Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Feel Good Memory

Don't ya just feel great when a simple act of kindness can create some of the most beautiful memories??

Our next door neighbor Nari, as I have said before takes care of both her grand kids. Everyday, no matter what she has to do or how she feels she has her two- 2&1/2 year old grand kids. One girl one boy, who are cousins. These two cutie patooties are the loves of her life :c) Here in Mexico that really is the normal way of things. The grandmothers raise the babies. Very often all 3 or 4 generations live in the same house. This is a tradition that is many hundreds of years old. And for the most part a very successful one. Course it kinda limits your "alone time" and can really put a crimp on having your own personal space. But the trade off is that no generation is left in isolation. It really cuts down on the depression rates and it fosters creativity in finding ways to carve out a bite of my space.

OOPS I sorta wondered off. For at least a year I have been trying to get a couple of pictures of Nari's grand kids. I have been itching to make a collage of the kids to give her for Christmas. Nari's husband has always been able to support his family partly because she is extremely frugal. There really are not many pictures on the walls nor anywhere else, except the front of the "frig" I was really beginning to lose hope that I would be able to do the picture for her this year. But thanks to the patron saint of grandparent brag pictures LW was able to get pictures of both kids the nights of the two Posadas. :c)

I decided I wasn't going to frame my collage, for a couple of reasons. One is we have tile floors and glass and picture frames are deadly afraid of falling off the walls. Two the house is small and kids being kids throw things, and three We all know how 2-3 year olds LOVE to hold, and look at pictures of themselves. So with all these factors I decided the best plan of action was to decoupage the pictures onto a framed canvas.

So that's exactly what I did. I think it looks mighty fine. But more importantly so does Nari. I can't begin to explain how her eyes lit up and she had the most beautiful smile when she unwrapped the collage and realized that it was pictures of here Nijos!! And in that little nano-moment the most wonderful and precious memory was created for me. :c)

So what do you guys have planned for the next couple of days?? I'm thinking that I need to find the true surfaces of my little corner cuz yikes Feb 14th is only....

Take care dear bloglandian friends and have a most Audacious day or evening depending on where in the world you are :c)


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What a thoughtful gift! And much more creative than just a framed collage, too -- your idea is a "keeper" for sure.

xashee's corner said...

That is an AWESOME gift!! i bet she will cherish it for a very long time!! i LOVED reading your previous post too & the photos of the petrogliffs!! how cool!! Thank you so much for sharing all that you do! i really enjoy visiting you! :D wishing you a safe & WONDERFUL New year too! :D

Coastal Sisters said...

What a wonderful and special person you are for creating something that your friend Nari will always cherish.

Ahhhhh, "The Unit"....this is one of the Commander's shows he has to watch and critique. Anything having to do with the military he sits and critiques being that he's been in the military for 35 years (he's a bit older than moi) and finds all the boo's boo's in the show. I told him they need to have him as a consultant. His response..."They couldn't afford me"...*shaking my head*

Happy New Year Big Sis!

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh what a sweet and wonderful gift!!YES Feb is just right around the corner!!Get busy've got crafting to do!! lol. laurie

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