Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pledge What Pledge ??

Remember way back in those Innocent days of summer when we all pledged to give only hand made gifts this year?? Oh Yeah you remember. Heck that won't be hard at all. If I get a couple of gifts made a month I'll be set and there will be none of that panic the last 11days!! :c) Well I don't know about you guys but I'm getting a bit concerned that there is only 11 days left!! :c( I haven't started the jeez if I was smarter I would be panicking but..... I can't even begin to imagine life in my Bloglandian Sisters' studios where they are trying to keep merchandise in their stores!! I do know they are far better women then I am!! :c)

Got to run hopefully I can get a bit of the glitter, glue, paper and paints cleaned up before LW wakes from his little nap. :c) Have a wonderful day or evening in Bloglandia depending on what part of the world you are in :c)


Charlie said...

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. Hope you get your Christmas list done and enjoy your artful journey.

Miss Sandy said...


Thanks for stopping by for a visit! I took your recent advice and dose myself on Somerset publications and had a follow up visit with Romantic Homes and amazingly, I do feel better!

I am so glad you have been enjoying the Advent posts. These are near and dear to my heart and I am sad that they will soon come to a close but there is always next year to celebrate!

I hope you have great success with your glitter, paper, paints, and glue!

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