Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day Exploration

How did you all spend your Christmas Day?? LW and I had a most wonderful day :c) Remember back a few post when I was having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around the fact that there would be NO kids home for the Holidays this year?? Well LW and I decided that the best thing for us was not to drag ourselves through the old traditions as if the kids were here. We decided it was time to create a few new traditions of our own. Soooo on Christmas Eve we went 'a calling" We stopped by a couple of friends homes dropped of a bottle of wine had a little visit a glass of ... (coke for us, it sad but true we have reached the stage that as long as it's bubbles in our glass we are plenty happy) ;c). We headed home plenty early so the pups were not at home alone when the fire works started. Yup anything and everything is a reason for a few fire works here!!

Our new Christmas Day tradition we decided was to be a day to explore the examples of the boundless imagination and creativity of our fellow humans. Since Jackie and Eliot were also kid-less the four of us threw a picnic lunch together and headed north. About 45 minutes north of Mazatlan along the beach is an amazing cove

It's full of large black boulders, and when the tide is high all except the closes and largest ones are covered by the incoming tide. But the amazing thing about these black boulders is they are covered in an ancient petrogliffs. Actually there are quite a few locations of petrogliffs in the state of Sinaloa. Until just recently there has been very little interest, studying or research done on them. The current uneducated speculations are that they were done by a group of people more the 1500 years ago. They have no connection to the native people of the central plateau or mountains of the country.( Insert Aztecs) Because of this they have been completely ignored by academia. You see there just isn't to awful much that is exciting about this group of people. They were more then likely nomadic, peaceful, and poor. And as we all know that is not the image of the native people of Mexico Right?? No huge pyramids, human sacrifices, Aztec calenders. Just kinda a boring, hoo hum, group of humans living, learning and creating.

Because there is no real WOW factor with these petrogliffs they are not being protected in any way. Not here not any where. Twice a day the tide rushes in and covers them. We all know what water is capable of doing, not today or tomorrow but there will be a time when these creations will disappear, lost, to future human curiosity of who we are. When the rocks are exposed there is absolutely no protection. Look at my pictures I'm actually standing over them or sitting in front of them. They are walked on sat on and defaced. No one really cares, see there again it doesn't have that excitement and WOW factor that brings in the tourist and with them their money. I realize that it's the same the world over the "movie stars" of the culture are researched until we know every little detail, before anyone says hey what about the guy that cleaned the toilets, how did he live? I sure hope Mexico wakes up and starts to collect the knowledge of their domestic engineers before that part of our history is lost forever.

I had better apologize for my photgraphic or lack of abilities. It's very evident that National Geographic is going to be banging on my door any time soon begging me to photograph for them!! :c) We all have our own talents and gifts I'm a big enough person to accept that mine do not lie within the scope of a camera lens:c)
Have a wonderful day or evening Bloglandians depending on what part of the world you are in :c)


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I do wonder if the National Geographic people know about these petroglyphs! Email them! You are right, they need to be documented and although I hate to move artifacts, some should be placed in museums. *sigh* Those bloodthirsty Aztecs get all the press!

Coastal Sisters said...

How awesome was this to spend Christmas day doing something fabulous! Thank you for sharing these pics...the water is an amazing color!


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