Thursday, December 11, 2008

Problem Rationalized

I was talking to one of my "little sisters" Lulu of Coastal Sisters earlier today. Actually I was desperately trying to come up with a good excuse for not answering her email yesterday. When in doubt my motto is to rationalize :c) Okay so if you have read much of my blog (if you haven't do my fragile self esteem a favor and lie :c) well maybe just fib a bit) you know I have a teensy bit of a problem about procrastinating on starting/finishing a project ;c) I know this little character trait must drive LW crazy, but God love him, he never ever says a word!! So I was talking (typing) to lit'l sis Lulu when it hit me. The reason I do that is because I am sooooo bad about keeping a gift until the date the gift was created for. You see as soon as I get it done I just can't wait to give it to the giftee :c) For example:

I was making these really cool pillows for lit'l sis Jackie's Christmas present. She and Eliot after three years of packing and moving are finally one more trip away from permanent living here!!! :c) Where Jackie is the, I like my spaces to be very sleek, unfussy, and unchaotic, I love my spaces to lean more toward layered, fussy, and chaotic. I really need a lot of visual noise around me to be creative and comfortable. Ha there's that rationalization I'm so good at :c)

Back to the point, the cool pillows. After I saw how easy (thank you Dawn) it is to print on material, I had this idea to make Jackie 2 pillows. Pillows that were white with darker red trim and black/white prints. That's her colors in her condo.

Both pillows have a view of the Eiffel tower but different perspectives. Then I added envelopes as pockets.

In one envelope I placed a "letter"

In the other I put a little tag with a quote about friends and a maroonish red tassel with my signature heart and key. Does this only happen to me?? The camera battery dies before the last two pictures can be taken?? :c( Sooooo maybe Jackie will let me take a couple of pictures of the "other" pillow??

Today Jackie and I were going to go to lunch so a day or so ago I decided I was going to give Jackie her present then. Well you know... I had the pillows made, all I had to do was the "letter" and tag. I just can't wait all those days till Christmas before I know how she likes them. So here as usual the glue was still drying as I left the house to pick her up :c) RATIONALIZATION at it's finest :c)

SO my Bloglandian friends have a wonderful day or evening depending on what part of the world you are in :c)


Coastal Sisters said...

You have just kept me in stitches! LOVE LOVE LOVE the awesome are those???


p.s. My Daddy always said that procrastination is a sign of a brilliant mind. I should have been a research scientist :)

Lady Katherine said...

Oh! How I do love them! Wish I were your sister! You made the pillows so lovely!

Rustic Tarts said...

You've done a wonderful job with them Pattie! She will LOVE them and treasure them forever because YOU made them!

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