Monday, December 08, 2008

The Stockings Were Hung...

When I am in need of a good swift kick to get moving. When nothing else seems to be a motivating factor. I invite friends over for dinner :c) The whole getting the tree decorated the patio into a bit of Christmas magic had been dragging on far to long. It isn't like I was doing nothing. It's not as if I was sneaking peeks at Where Women Create!! First I had to stop to make a Birthday card for Dulce (our little cleaning gal remember) Martha calls and suggests we go to lunch today cuz that's the only time all week she has. Let's see there was the Nut Cracker, Jazz and Brunch at Te Amo Lucy's and of course just the every day boring chores :c)

Yesterday we invited Luci and Tony over for dinner tonight. We were going to have a little preChristmas celebration. I thawed the rib roast we froze in lew ( I don't think that's the right spelling??) of chicken soup for Thanksgiving. Luci brought over some beautiful shrimp she had at the restaurant. Te Amo Lucy's is open 6 days a week so that tends to put a slight crimp in Luci and Tony's social life. The restaurant is closed on Mondays. You tell me the last time you went to a social event much less a Holiday social event on a Monday. Yep Monday isn't one of the hot picks of the week.

So I guess if we were going to have a little Holiday dinner that would mean the Patio needed to be a bit festive. All other activities had to be suspended today in order to have the patio ready for dinner. And guess what it worked:c) I can now say we officially have "decked the halls & the stockings were hung" Here are a few pictures.

It really is hard to see the two different colors of gold and burnished bronze in either the daylight or evening pictures. And if you look very carefully maybe you can see the roses we laid on the branches. They were a coral color that I misted with gold spray paint. Years ago I saw one of Victoria Magazine's Christmas trees that they had decorated with roses. Since then I have always wanted to do that so this year I did. But since my inheritance and I were separated at birth I went with inexpensive silk dollar store roses instead of the real ones. Once we are reunited I will for sure use real roses ;c)

Since there are no hearths to hang our stockings on I hung LW and mine on the old rusty metal door that at one time was someones front or maybe back door.

All the bears gave their stamp of approval on the look of this year's tree and even agreed to lower their standards to sit on the old peeling white bench :c) It's not so much the peeling paint that they object to as much as I pulled it out of the neighbor's trash one morning ;c)
I tied a bit of black gauzy material on the backs of the chairs and stuck a couple of roses in the knots. Hopefully the chairs don't scream I'm a bright orange and white patio chair quite as loudly.

Now that this project can be crossed off my to do list, I better get up tomorrow and focus on the next gift on the list. Have a wonderful Day or evening my Bloglandian friends depending on what part of the world you are in :c)


The Feathered Nest said...

Pattie! I LOVE your tree!!!! The gold and burnished bronze are just gorgeous together...I have a few bronze ornaments too ~ it's just a beautiful color isn't it?? I also am loving your stockings!!!! I would love to see a close up of them...makes me want to sew a few myself that have that wonderful shape ~ wishing you a great Tuesday, xxoo, Dawn

Tracy M. said...

Hi Pattie, Love your tree and the colors you used to decorate it. I also like the old metal door you have on your patio.
Take Care,
Tracy M.

Charmingdesigns said...

Everything looks so lovely and inviting!! I just had a good chuckle...I was visiting Dawns blog...I'm with you. Kurt Russell!!! lol. Laurie

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