Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New Year Resolution

Oh I know we haven't even gotten through Christmas yet and here I am with New Year Resolution. Well I have decided one resolution is to explore new blogs especially those of Bloglandians with different passions then mine. I'm really looking forward to meeting tons of new people from all over the world and creating a few new friendships a long the way.

Now I'm thinking this could be a mighty large bill to fill without a bit of help. No problem I've decided to participate in this year's "One World- One Heart :c) It starts on Jan. 19th so we have plenty of time to decide about our Give Away.Did any of you participate last year?? It looks like great fun and what a wonderful way to get to know this funny little phenomena of Bloglandia :c) Hey how about we all go play together?? Go HERE and Lisa Swilka will explain it all to you. She greated this adventure two years ago. There isn't a button for this year yet but here is last year.

Any way I thought you might like to know and I sure hope a few of ya guys will play along with me.

Gads I'm not sure I could be any more boring then I feel right now ;c( I think this condition calls for snuggling next to LW and reading a bit a Somerset Life that arrived yesterday from eBay :c)

Have a wonderful day or evening Bloglandian friends depending on what part of the world you are in :c)
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