Saturday, November 01, 2008

Yard Sale and Early Birthday Gift

We went to a great yard sale this morning. One of the reason is because it was at one of the bed and breakfast in town. That means I don't feel like a vulture savaging someones lovelies that had to be left behind. I know I have said it before that most yard sales here happen because circumstances changed and someone must return to the Northern Land. :c{ I really have no idea where Moe and Dorthy find all these jun...treasures, it seems to me they have a yard sale a couple of times a year. But boy all I have to say is Dorthy sure knows how to set prices to move her stuff fast. I never paid more then a dollar for anything!!:c} Everything was marked in dollars for our Spanish impaired expats, but most of us payed in pesos. The exchange rate right now is $13mp (Mexican peso) to $1 dollar. But to keep things easy Dorthy was using the simple $10 mp to $1 rate Soooooo for each dollar I spent it cost me 70 cents :c} Want to see my hall??

The crystal decanter isn't lead crystal but it's nice and heavy and catches the light, 70cents :c} So was the hand blown blue one with a crystal stopper :c} There is a meter of really pretty material. an old candle stick (I've been looking for one I can make a hat stand out of) and a lovely vintage gravy boat. The cheese dome is also cut crystal,the little pitcher is cobalt glass, and the fan and little black watch box were free. Oh and what about the embroidered bell pull, and vintage shadow box??

Now the Birthday gift. One of our friends, Mike is here looking at property to buy. When he came down this time he brought 2 years of the old Victoria magazines I bought on eBay and had sent to him. See the "Mule system" at work :c} Ha I think it's only far cuz he's the one that introduced me to eBay!! Along with my magazines he had a Birthday present from he and his partner Kell. A gift bag full of Chinese embroidery squares they bought on a trip to China. And if that wasn't enough they had put all these vintage hand tatting and embroidered doilies :c} See the one that says bread isn't that too cool??!!

All and All I think I had a really good day :c} All kinds of new fodder to create with!! Have a good day or evening my Bloglandian friends depending on what part of the world you are in :c}


Dawnie said...

ohhhh lucky you! I LOVE lace--LOVE it..those are absolutely beautiful!

glorv1 said...

I really like the crystal decanter. You can really find bargains at garage sales. Stop by my blog to see my ofrenda for my family. Take care.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love that decanter, so pretty.....great deals.

Gill in Canada

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