Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Libro de los Invintados -- Guest Book

Saturday was our dear friends Luci and Tony's 2nd anniversary of the opening of their little restaurant. Te Amo Lucy ( I Love Lucy) I know that I have sung Luci praise often on my little blog. But there is just no getting around it Luci's renditions of traditional Mexican Dishes is incredible!:c). Like every country there are many regional recipes and flavors. Lucy learned to cook from her mum, so they cook with the states of Mexico-Puebla flavors. Yummm Here in Sinaloa food is very bland and very unimaginative :c). I think LW would actually go through withdrawals if he couldn't have her mole - mo (like mo of the 3 stooges) le (long a). It is a sauce recipe that has 37 ingredients, one being a very lite flavor of chocolate. ;c)

Yikes the way I go on about food here it's a wonder I'm not as wide as I'm tall!! So back to the anniversary. I wanted to make something a little special to take to them. I really like the journal idea because you can really personalize it to fit the person and the event. However besides the restaurant that's open 6 days a week there is also the little boutique hotel that is open 365 days a year. Are you catching on that a journal isn't the best use of the 2 minutes of free time they have in a day?? :c( BUT what about a guest book? Now that's an idea I could work with. Of course I came up with this brain storm on Thursday afternoon :c) Every time I do this I promise myself I'm going to get my idea put together early. And each time the next time comes up I'm running out the door with the last of the glue drying :c)

Here are a few pictures of Te Amo Lucy's Libro de los Invitados.

I search the internet for public domain pictures of the old I Love Lucy show, then I used both Lucy's logos and pictures.

This picture is Tony dressed up as Lucy for last years first anniversary party. Well everyone had so much fun that of course he had to do it again this year:c)

I divided the book up giving each month 3 pages. I used some cute ribbon as tabs for the months. For the title page for the months I made a tag and added pictures of the restaurant, the old I Love Lucy show, or the dishes. I started with Nov. of this year and went through Nov of 2009.

For the last pages I found a great picture of Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel singing together on a car trip. I put that with a picture of Luci, Tony, LW and me. Kind of a fun way to end a year.

I was pleased with the way the whole thing came out. Tony and sweet Luci really loved it :c) You know there just is no other feeling like the one you have when someone really loves and appreciates all the care and effort you put into a gift :c) It make all the burned finger tips, glitter in your hair, and red stained fingers well worth it!! Wouldn't you agree??

Well dear Bloglandian friends this little chickie is off to bed to read a few pages of the new Somerset Studio magazine actually it's more like a book!! Please have a good day or evening depending on what part of the world you are in.:c)


Charmingdesigns said...

Its wonderful!!! laurie

glorv1 said...

It's very nice and how nice of you to put all your creativity in the book. I'm sure "Libro de Los Invitados" is a winner with her.Thx for sharing. Take care.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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