Sunday, November 23, 2008

When The Store Comes To You

Have you ever had one of those days when you are really making head way on your to do list when a crucial piece of equipment bites the dust? Well of course you have we all have....

The other day Dulce (means Sweet and is also the term for candy) our gal that cleans a day and a half for us a week was motoring right along until the mop decided to throw in the towel :c(

Okay a couple of cultural note and then back to the story. In this country cleaning house is considered a very good and well respected occupation. It is actually one of the highest paying trade jobs, even higher then most men's jobs. The average daily income for many workers is the equivalent of $50.00 pesos. Yep less then$5.00 US a day. The work day is 10-12 hours six days a week. Now if you are lucky enough to clean house. Your work day starts around 8-9 and ends around 5ish. This way you can still take care of your family. Your daily income (here in Mazatlan) is $150 pesos between $14-$15 US a day. So you can see that cleaning house is a coveted job. One of the first things that happen when you (whether you are Mexican or Foreign) move into a neighborhood is have everyone offering their relative to come and clean for you. Nuff culture for now. More on employer/employee responsibilities later when annual Christmas bonuses are due.

Okay so the mop has gone down for the count. What to do?? Well lucky for us the mop died just moments before we heard the mop, broom, cleaning supply pickup coming up the street :c) The couple that sell in our neighborhood ride in a very old, seen better days, way past it's prime, held together with wire and gum, blue pickup. Now lashed on top of the cab are two of the LARGEST speakers manufactured. The P.U. is dwarf by them ;c) And blaring out of those speakers is an unknown little ditty meant to get your attention just in case you didn't here them coming from 6 blocks away. So you get a little jingle then a laundry list of what is for sale. along with the price. Mrs, Mrs, brooms the best brooms for only $4 dollars, mops for only $4,.... once it runs through the list there's the jingle and the list.... As Dulce and Larry are surveying the damage and deciding on a game plan, I came flying down the stairs, The broom guy is headed this way, why don't you guys flag him down and have Dulce pick out a mop??!! :c)

Great idea. Dulce had a new mop to finish the floor with. But best of all our neighbors (translate the ladies ) saw Dulce's employer take her out to the truck to pick out a mop. The Senor respected her opinion enough to know what the best mop was. Dulce's reputation and respect with the neighbor ladies grew 10 feet that day ;c)

Have a wonderful day or evening my Bloglandian friends depending on what part of the world you are in. :c)

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