Saturday, November 08, 2008

Nothing To Say and Getting No Where Fast

You got it!! I can't think of anything very interesting to talk about. I'm spinning my wheels at home. Can't seem to get any one project finished. You know those times when you just get going in a project only to have to quit to go somewhere or change gears :c{ When we first moved here, LW use to get frustrated when he couldn't get the things done on his to do lists. Perfectly normal for a newly retired type A engineer ;c} It was back then I told him I thought he needed to set the goal for each day to just get one thing done. (And if it didn't get done no worries just make it tomorrow's goal) Our new mantra has work perfectly. I haven't even been able to get that done and my level of frustration is getting up there. And to add to my frustration, I have all these great and creative ideas swimming around in my head waiting for a chance to get out :c}

So I have decided that the next 2 days are strictly stay at home and work on projects days!!! I'm not even going to put mascara on. That will guarantee me never leaving the house :c} Can you imagine the old people and young kids I would scare if they saw that site?? "Look Momma how come that lady doesn't have any eye lashes (or eye brows)"!!!!! Now we can't have that can we?? :c}

So my Bloglandian friends I'm off to do battle with my tools in one hand and a coke in the other. I'll check in with some pictures of my progress. Don't tell LW but his "one thing a day" goal for tomorrow is putting up the old bench soon to be a shelf in my little crafting corner ;c}

Have a good day or evening Bloglandians depending on what part of the world you are in. Yikes no pictures tonight, better see what I can do about that :c} Here are a few pictures of our friend Debbie's lodge and retreat in Coatepec Mexico. This is where we went on vacation last month. Her retreat is on an old coffee bean plantation in the cloud forests of the state of Veracruz.


Charmingdesigns said...

beautiful photos. I just picked up a few remaining things from the bazaar I was in. I did really well. but I'm so tired. Seems like the blogging world is gearing up to visit Silver Bella...I hope they all take photo so we can see what went on. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. My sleep in. It's rainy and dreary. I picked up a few new mag. so I'm thinking of hopping into bed and looking at them. Talk to you later. Laurie

Pat Winter said...

LOL! Not even mascara!!!! That keeps me inside too,LOL. Too funny. Enjoy your day creating.

glorv1 said...

Have fun creating. I pretty much am straightening out my studio so I can get in there and do some painting and other creative things. Have a great week.

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