Monday, November 03, 2008

Birthday Present Finished....Finally

I'm sure you have all had those simple little projects that just seem to morph into giant productions before you are finished. Yes?? :c} It was only going to take a couple of evening to put together Helena's 'Name Tags" Ha well you know how it goes. A little of this a bit of that "oh I wonder what would happen if.." "Eeeuuu that is not what I was going for" So a couple of night turned into a bit more. But I do have to say I really like the way it turned out :c} Helena seemed to be very pleased also. Well I think so, she said she was going to hang it in her room, instead of the laundry room :c} Which would be okay in some circumstances but here our laundry rooms are out side, usually with only a protective shelf over the washer and drier.

If you can kinda remember each tag was a letter in HELENA's name. Then I made each tag portray an item that's name began with the letter. With the catch that the word had to be in Spanish. I'm mean how rude to use English on a gift for one of my dearest Mexican friends!! Somethings I came up with started with the same first letter in either language.

On the back side of each tag I put a much simpler depiction of the word and wrote the word out in both Spanish and English.

LW had an old piece of 1/2 board that he cut down for me. I pounded some old rusty nails in and covered the heads with buttons. Used a nice piece of cording to hang it with and then of course added just a bit of fluff just for Helena. Then I made a cute little drawstring to Wrap" the letters in. She can use it later to put little "thangs" in :c}

All in all I really had fun making it and I think with a few modifications the idea would work for any number of things ;c}

Ookie Dokie time to go get ready for dinner. We are meeting one of our "couple friends" for dinner at a new restaurant in Centro Historico. It's my birthday dinner as this year my birthday falls on election day ;c}

Have a good evening or day my bloglandian friends depending on what part of the world you are in :c}


Rustic Tarts said...

It looks great Pattie - love all the 3D bits and the idea of the buttons glued on is wonderful!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is such a neat idea, and very personalized........

Gill in Canada

Charmingdesigns said...

Its wonderful!! laurie

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