Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Confessions of a Victoria Magazine Junkie

Oh that I am. I have been since I discovered the magazine shortly after it's premiere issue. Back then the kids were small, and the magazine was always such a wonderful escape. Where the kids were all cute, clean, healthy and didn't argue about wearing adorable although somewhat impractical outfits. :c) It was a beautiful place you could escape to with a cup of tea and no one made any demands of your time. Where your imagination could run free creating wonderful things for your family and home. It use to challenge you to harness your own talents, gifts and abilities to interpret their quiet beauty into everyday life.

Will all the moves over all the years my stash of Victorias went AWOL. This spring a friend explained to me that all the old Victorias could be bought on ebay :c) Loardy May I was one excited girl!! Of course I had to have a crash course in the nuances of buying off of eBay, but boy once I had that there was no holding me back ;c) I'm sure you don't know and I'm even more sure you don't care but 12 magazines (one year) weighs in at 8lbs. So if I were to have the magazines sent to our mailbox in Laredo and then brought down with the courier service we pay customs, no duty cuz books and magazines are duty free, and we pay weight charges. That means for every year I bought and had delivered it would cost the price of the winning bid and the shipping to Laredo the the customs and weight charges to our box here in Mazatlan. By the time that is added up I'm into it for $40-$50 or so x 12 years.... YIKES!!!

But being the ever resourceful person I sweetly asked friends if I could have orders sent to their house. Oh and would they mind terribly bringing down with them when they came?? :c) Of course there was the 5 years I had sent to Anders' house (son #3) those I brought down when I went up to meet my grandson:c). That was part of the 99.5 lbs I had in my suit cases :c)

So now I have all these wonderful vintage Victorias that I can escape into. And the lovely part is I have all the time I want to do it in (yippee) :c) Like this afternoon. I had the best of intentions to cut out a couple of patterns and get busy on the mounting pile of sewing projects. Well I don't know about you but I need a tall glass of ice tea to sip on when I start a project. The kitchen is downstairs, you have to walk by the patio doors on your way...ow is that new blossoms on the bougainvillea??? Oh my gosh it's so wonderful out here, a nice breeze I can hear the little fountain bubbling, oh look new leaves on the ginger plant, AHH Heck what would it matter if I just grab a few of the Victoria Magazines and sit out here, enjoying the day, the sounds, the smells, and .... besides there is always tomorrow to cut out patterns. :c)

I'm sure you would agree that I did the only right thing, possibly being a professed Victorian Magazine Junkie yourself ;c)

Oh Yeah I'm still waiting for the new Victoria Magazine to mature. So far they just haven't been able to tap into that magical nuance of it's older sister!!

Have a good day or evening dear Bloglandian friends depending on what part of the world you are in. Hmmm Isn't that the 1989 VMs sitting over there...... :c)


Charmingdesigns said...

I agree, the new mag, just doesnt measure up just yet. Oh, yes,my daughter, being an only child, has us wrapped around her finger...Love her to pieces, we laughed and laughed all afternoon, as we drove back and forth and sang along with Taylor Swift. We did great working together putting that darn cabinet together...my husband, totally in awe that we did it so well.lol. Remember...always take time to read a Victoria mag! Lauri

Tracy M. said...

I have to agree, I was so excited when they decided to bring back Victoria, but I've been disappointed as well. I didn't renew my subscription again this time.

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