Sunday, November 30, 2008

Note to Self... Some Words Aren't Safe


When it happened the first time I was a bit cranky BUT when again this morning I found another one I got torqued!!! I mean I still live in that little fantasy land where some places are just safe from the ever present obnoxious, insidious SALES PERSON. Blogs Maybe?? I know these are very trying times for every one, however I don't find it a bit acceptable to open my posts to find a dad burn (cussing rated PG) sales pitch!!!! :c( Why that's like opening your closet to find the Fruit of the Loom Guys (eeeeuuuu)

Like I said it happened once before, and I thought what popped up on my blog that sent a flag out. Now this morning there is this one.

Don't press that--->Doll Clothes Gal said...
What a fabulous blog post - you have some lovely and delightful things.

It could really do a number on a gal's self esteem. First you see you have comments so quickly you go to read them, to find that someone new has found you interesting. So of course you hit their name to go leave a thanks for visiting on their blog only to find out. SHOOT ( again rated PG) it's a website sales pitch :c( It seems to me and my little cyber challenged mind that there are certain words in the titles that are triggers. I mention dolls and what comes a visiting? Yep doll salesperson.

This certainly is a very good example of your mom's warning "think before you say something" :c) So starting tomorrow I promise to think before I post a catchy title and I will be a bit more suspicious of those somewhat generic sounding posts.

Have a wonderful day or evening bloglandians depending on what part of the world you are in :c)


glorv1 said...

Hi, I usually don't open comments I don't really know of or a blog I haven't been to. I have gotten comments like that in the past. Hope your holiday was great. Take care.

Nancy said...

Hi Patti!

I was going to chime in that on a lot of the blogs I visit (and on my own), the blog owner leaves a comment on her own post to those that leave comments...that way if someone asks a question or something and you answer the answer is right there for people who come afterwards. And you can decide or not separately whether to check out some of your commenter's blog links.

They can click the button for having follow-up comments emailed to them, and that way they will get your reply.

I'm enjoying your blog, especially the Mazatlan stories, by the way!

Charmingdesigns said...

I think I'm going to have nightmares now...just the thought of those fruit of the loom guys lingering in my closet.LOLLOLLOL. I haven't had a problem with my comments...except for the rude person now and then. Does my Ebay listing read out better now? My husband came by and and showed him what you thought I should change...he is very grateful to you (smile) Have a good one...dear friend!! Laurie

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