Thursday, November 20, 2008

Q-Tips, Tangerines and Roses

Every day there is probably a hundred different reason why living in Mexico is where I want to be. Most are just very simple reasons, like the sun is shining, it's 80 degrees, and I don't have to wear down and scrape my windows :c)

Today we had to run to the store for a few things. Tangerines and Bananas were two of the items. Just like the stores NOB (north of the border) there usually are a few cut flowers and plants hanging around the produce section. I have a small confession to make. I think that to be able to always have a bouquet of roses sitting where you can see them when you are working, whether it's cleaning, creating or cooking is one of the nicest pleasures in life. :c) But NOB that pleasure is not such a small thing considering the price for a dozen roses ;c( So most of the time roses are reserved for special occasions. Ah but here fresh flowers are considered one of the joys in life that not just the occasional big event. In fact there is a street near the large public market with a whole block of flower ladies selling the most beautiful blossoms, calla lilies, bird of paradise, mums, roses....

When we go to the grocery store I always take a peek at the fresh flowers. There are lots of times that they will have fresh rose bouquets of 18 stems for $50 pesos. Yep less then $5 US !! I have yet to get any home that didn't last 5-6 days and then dry quite nicely. I know to you 5-6 days isn't all that long but here with our heat & humidity that very good.

Soooo today I was rewarded for my efforts and there were some very red, fragrant beautiful roses. Well some how they fell into the cart, then slipped into the car and rode all the way home then jumped into a pitcher- vase. Now they are sitting up on the little end table next to the reading chair in my little craft corner :c)

I hope you have a wonderful day or evening dear bloglandian friends depending on what part of the world you are in :c)


glorv1 said...

They are beautiful. I always go in the rose garden outside and pick porse so I can look at them if I am in the kitchen, I place them by the window sill, or in my studio, they'll be some there as well. Makes you feel good. Have a great day.

Pat Winter said...

Darn those roses, they do have a way of falling into carts don't they?
Loved reading about your day. I would love to visit Mexico one me at the border????
Who knows? One day we may meet and then we will be in big trouble,LOL.
I have been fondling the beautiful woven fabrics you sent me....dreaming of a project for them.

Lee Laurie said...

I love roses too. I love to go out and pick them out of my rose garden and place them in little vases all over my cottage. Everytime I see them they make me smile. I would love to visit Mexico one day.

Lady Katherine said...

Such a lovely rose! You make me want to go out and find some. I think my daughter red rose bush is still blooming. I just love how you wrote you can see the roses whether you cleaning or in a place just reading. Never have I seen such a lovely post on roses. Something we take for granted, or here the cost. Thank you for such a refreshing take on roses.

Stephanie said...

oh to live in Mexico! and have Calla Lillies!

thank you so much for the travel tip...I am filing this away for next time!!

Stephanie said...

oh to live in Mexico! and have Calla Lillies!

thank you so much for the travel tip...I am filing this away for next time!!

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