Monday, November 17, 2008


In case you didn't know this is the First Annual International Button Week. as declared by the "Button Floozies" International. This is a big week for for both professed and closet buttonalics!! But don't you think Button Floozie sounds a little more... well maybe not. Any way it's big. If you don't believe me or can't quite figure out what all the hub bub about the lowly button is, head over to the Button Floozies blog and visit with Abbie.
So all the button adi er Floozies are pulling out their collections to share and oggle at. Here is a couple of pictures of my collection. But before you start to snicker or worse yet burst out in hysterical laughter, please remember that we had only the 5'/8' trailer to move all our worldly possessions down with. :c) All my wonderful old vintage, mother of pearl and just plain cute buttons I left in the care of my sister and her mother in law. I guess that means I started over.

Isn't that the most pathetic button collection you have laid eyes on?? :c( I mean really !! It's a good thing that three of anything is a collection cuz there aren't to many more then that in my jar!! :c) So anyone out there in Blogville looking to downsize their collections are more then welcome to send them my way!! :c) I'm very responsible and will provide a very loving and caring home ;c)

Have a good day or evening dear Bloglandian friends depending on what part of the world you are in ;c)


glorv1 said...

I used to collect buttons, I don't now. One day I was gathering things to take to the thrift store and took a couple of jars of buttons with me. I kind of regretted it later. Have a great evening.

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh dear!!! That is rather pathetic.LOL...actually, I'm surprised you have that many...they do watch Laurie

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