Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This Year's Gift

For you diehards that have been reading my ramblings for a couple of years, you might remember that I always make a Christmas gift for my next door neighbor Nari. I always try to incorporate a picture of her two grandkids in the work. Two years ago I decoupage a collage of the two on a stretched canvas. Last year I superimposed their faces on a vintage photo of two little guys sledding. I put wings on them and them trapped them in a jar. This year I made her this necklace. I used citrine because one was born in Nov. Had to use the "modern" stone because I didn't have any yellow topaz. The other birthday is in march so I used aquamarine.
The focal is a nice big chunk of lemon yellow citrine. I bent 18gage antiqued bronze wire to attach the danglies below the citrine. The danglies are: a little copper box  about 3/4th of an inch that opens up with a tiny little copper nest & three little eggs.
There is a bright blue Murano glass. and two tiny garnets (of course)
the third piece is a vintage book shaped locket that had seen better days. I covered the book with a bit of cotton crochet lace with a resin coat for protection. On the front of the "book" I glued a little crystal butterfly.
Inside the locket is this years pictures of the now 5 year old cousins, and "abuela('s)" (grandma's) pet rabbit. :)
Finished it up with an 18 gage antique bronze wire hook and the now signature milagros. :)
I hope that she likes it and will want to wear it every once in awhile. 
Gads I hope you poor poor bloglandians are surviving the nasty,ugly, frigid northlands. I promise not to tell you what the weather is like here. It wouldn't be nice to cause severe depression during the holidays! :)

Until next time Bloglandia, have a most audacious art filled day, no matter where you are in the world.  p;)


stregata said...

What a fantastic piece! Love the little nest inside the box. Hermanita, I love the way your art is developing.
And I won't tell you how cold it is outside - I wouldn't want to put you into shock... LOL

SummersStudio said...

I love how you've woven the story of Nari's grandchildren into the necklace. I'm sure she will love it. BTW, we are reasonably warm here, 60's. Bright skies. But I don't imagine we've nearly as wonderful of weather as you have.

pamq said...

Oh, I think she will want to wear it "every once in awhile".....

Like every single day!!!

Just gorgeous, especially that little copper box with the nest inside.

Very cool!

And yes, the weather is crappy here.

Tristan Robin said...

how special! she's must just adore it!

hope the rest of your holiday was smashing, and that 2011 brings you more than you dared to hope for!

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