Monday, January 03, 2011

Bird Baring Gift!!

Well will you look at that, Gertie, she really didn't fall into a black hole! Yep that would be me. I have to confess I have really found myself struggling to find the motivation to keep my blog up much less put a post together every couple of days. I know it's a spell we all tend to go through, but sometimes (a whole lot of sometimes lately) I find myself posting because it's expected instead wanting to and finding it fun. And I'm at that point in my life, when the fun is gone I don't want to waste time on it any more. For me it's just such a time consuming project. Generally taking a couple of hours. I'm still such a dweeb when it comes to computer manipulation. Heck I think it's more like I'm the manipulatee (new word) and the computer is the manipulator. No really. I was 45 before my fingers sat on a set of keys. I never touch a computer except to dust it. Even after I bought my first laptop I had a 24/7 tether to the apple techs. Even now if it were not for the adorable double E geek on the other side of the room I'd be swimming without my water wings on!!! Oops digressing sorry, by the time I get my pictures downloaded and cleaned up then do a bit of jousting with Blogger and peck out some sentences a whole lot of creative time is lost. :(  Besides if I just faded away from Bloglandia it won't cause much of a ripple. right 

And so these have been my thoughts over the last few months. But then a little rusty bird came flying in. Kinda reminded me that fading away isn't the real loss. The real loss is that I would loose my life line to many of my bloglandian family. Now that prospect is totally unacceptable!! When I started blogging 2+years ago I was excepted into this totally amazing universe which we all share!! You all know exactly what I'm saying, now don't ya?? For nearly 53 years I always had the feeling that I was the only odd duck. Well shucks here in this little corner of Bloglandia I'm just one of the many odd ducks. :) Here is where I found unconditional acceptance,support,love,my cheering section,shoulders to lean on,family to giggle with, seek advice from, incredibly gifted tutors, and friends to give me a swift kick in the "back of the front" !!!

Oh yeah the rusty bird part. Well this past Thursday LW made the weekly mail box run. Of course it was like Christmas morning as it was full of art magazines and books yeah! Among all the mags. was this small brown box. And in that brown box was this beautiful poor man's silver ornament crowned with an adorable RUSTY bird!!! OOH MMY!!
The return address on the box belongs to lit'l miss Ruth the proprietors of the net-store "The Beautiful Life" and blog by the same name. And how did it come to be in our little mail box you might ask?? Well Ruth is the gal who feeds my addiction to the Scandinavian Magazine "Jeane d Arc Living" & not very long ago Ruth had the birdie in one of her postings saying that there weren't to many left. When I saw this beauty it was smitten at first sight. I mean whats not to love?? The poor man's silver ( old Scandinavian name for mercury glass) has way cool chipped and fading patina. Oye and the bird is awesome in her perfect rusty feathers!! And you know what a fool I am for rust!! :)
SO I made the comment to Ruth that I would love to have one if I could find a mule heading down this way. Sadly I wasn't able to. At that time of the year everyone is headed north to be with family. A few weeks went by and I had pretty much accepted the fact that there was no rusty birdie in my future. I even went to her web-store to see if they were still there...But nooooo they had all flown away. :(  Imagine my surprise and delight to find one of the little darlins so lovingly packed in that little brown box!
That's when it hit me, if I quietly fade away I might not have to spend time doing postings but far more importantly is that I would loose all of my art sisters (&brothers)! Now that is just way to horrifying to comprehend. It was Ruth's selfless act that reminded me of who you all are and how very important you have become in my life. She took this last ornament out of her stock, boxed it up safely for a long trip and added a little pray that it would get here and safely! Then she waited and waited and waited some more. It was over 5 weeks before it reach us. How it did I'll never know, it had to be one of those "suppose to be things" I mean the reason we caution people not to send to us is when it arrives at our courier box in Texas it must be brought across the borders by a broker. It's (almost always) opened and inspected by the US customs then sealed taken by the broker to the Mexican customs where it is opened and inspected again& sealed. Then because it is a box it goes all the way down to Guadalajara where it hits customs again this time it's opened and the duty and shipping fees are assessed. That's if the custom's agent decides it's okay to let it into the country. Sealed back up and finally brought to Mazatlan. Now that's a whole lot of chances for it to get lost, broken, or God forbid someone decides they could give it a better home then I could! Only this time Ruth's little Milagro of love was never (ever) opened!!! So no one had a chance to see it,drop it or break it!!! That in it's self is a huge Miracle!!!!

But as I said perhaps the greatest gift she gave me was reminding me that it's the selfless acts that bring us joy and make life "fun" That by selfishly turning my blog into a "what's in it for me" place to live I have only myself to blame for it no longer being fun. So as of today I'm putting myself back on track. I might not post but 2 times a week this year, and I might shorten my postings by a few thousand...make that hundred of words and a few less pictures. But I'll be doggoned if I'm going to just fade away quietly!!

And with that note my most dear Bloglandian family I hope you all have a most audacious New Year filled with tons and tons of beautiful art no matter where in the world you

PS. Tomorrow morning I think I'll start my day with an "ice cold coke" (another one of those nasty addiction things) and a bit of Blog hopping!! I've really missed seeing you guys!!! 


stregata said...

Bloglandia would be loosing one of the stars in the sky, if you were to just slip away. So please don't do that!
Wishing you a most wonderful 2011, filled with health, happiness and artful inspiration and creativity. Can't wait to see more of your vestitas - and on the weekend I picked up some lace embellished pillowcases with you in mind...

pamq said...

Now that is one magic bird!!!

What a trip it went on.....

And so know I love rust as much as you do!

Please, please, please do not fade away.

We {odd} ducklings need to stay together.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Pattie, boy do we all ever go through those dry spells, with regard to blogging. And yes, at times it can feel more like an obligation than an fun hobby. But that is okay - that is normal. Your followers have you book marked and when the spirit moves you and you want to bang out a post, it will show up on their blog roll and they will once again enjoy your words. No judging in between posts, no keeping a record of how often you post, just simply enjoying the ones you do give us. :)

We can't all blog daily (sometimes more than once daily), and that's okay. We can just blog as we feel like it and our followers will read them as they come. :)

Love this post and the meaning and story attached to one simple gift. You rock, woman! :)


SummersStudio said...

This odd duck is very happy that you will not slip away because I enjoy what you have to say and show. Happy New Year!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Wonderful to see you posting! I have not been posting as much either lately since I have been nesting a bit but hopefully I can catch up on my Blog reading in the next couple of days!

I have serious rusty bird envy!!!

Love to You, LW and all the Babies!

LuLu, The Newly Retired Commander, #2 and all our Furry ones!

Cindy said...

Happy New Year to you, Pattie!
I can so relate to this post...I felt as if I were thinking out loud when I read the first part of the post, talking about the amount of time it takes to upload and edit pictures, and then wrestle with your blogging platform to create a post! I took a long break over the holidays too, as there just was not any more time left in the day. I'm slowly getting out and about and reading my old favorite blogs again. :-) I'm glad to see you decided to stick with us "old ducks". I'm with you - simply posting when the mood strikes and not feeling guilty in between.
What a beautiful Christmas story - how you received a special gift. The rusty bird atop the mercury ball is such a treasure. And I am so happy for you that it made it all the way to you without a hitch. What an amazing gift.
See you around Blogland, dear friend!

Riki Schumacher said...

All good resolutions Pattalina (new name for you). Ha ha. Miss you girlfriend. You continue to light up the world with your beautiful words and insight. Swing by, I have a contest going, would love for you to enter. Enjoy your new year, love your birdie. Wonderful post Pattie. Hugs, Riki

Anonymous said...

Another odd duck here who loves rusty, and shabby and forlorn and worn and patina! And as some others said it may be a while before I visit but I'll be here and so glad you will be too. xo

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