Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Glitter Is A Flyin!!

Boy and Howdy is it ever!!!! With only 6 days left before surgery I've
kicked into high gear on the Christmas preparations list.  
This is the only time of the year that I enjoy pulling out all the paper art supplies, and the ol' paper phobia doesn't appear. There's the  papers for cards and gifts
The markers, water color pencils, and...
of course my beloved box of "64"!!
Funny though I never have a problem pulling out the Christmas decorations and playing with them.
There's the beautiful ribbons
The evergreen boughs.
Ours by necessity must be faux.
Oh it's not because you can't find real Christmas trees here (notice I didn't say live or green??). Ya see they must come from the great white northlands. Which means they were probably cut back in ohhhh April-May (2001). By the time they get here there isn't to many needles left on them and those that remain are a distant color of green that even a can of green paint can't fix. :(
Jeez, can you believe they even have the nerve to charge a king's ransom for these spontaneous combustible matchsticks
Then there's the lights you know. I mean what would Christmas  decorating be if there isn't a bit of potty mouth escaping from even the most patient of Santa's helpers?? @#!&*#@!
Boy oh boy I have to tell ya LW has earned his wings and halo at least a dozen times!!! He is sooo patient and there isn't even (well not very many) potty words that escape. Oh I'm sure they were all said, but whispering them doesn't count does it??
Yesterday though I think even Job would have had to look hard for that last bit of ...
 We were in the grocery store, you know to pick up a few items (berries if I was lucky) that I needed for the flavored vinegars I was making. Ha ha haaaa, no such luck but even if I had I don't think I could bring myself to pay $480pesos (bout $40us) for a kilo (bout 2lbs)!!!! Can you imagine!!??? Sooo anyway we switched to plan B and went with limes,chilies,&garlic. When we were in the citrus area picking out limes I looked over by the wall and there was an empty display for tangerines. It was their crates stacked on top of each other with the top one still full of the packing materials. And do you know what that material was???? Yikes!!! it was the most luscious, grey-green, plump Spanish moss!!! No kidding it was magnificent!!!!
I gave a little squeal and went running over to it. LW looked up wondering just what in the heck I was up to now. When  he got over to me all I could say is "I want some of this, I need some of this, I MUST have this!!" "What", he said, "that?? but that's that's just the packing material." "Ohhhhh no I said "that", my love is beautiful amazing Spanish moss."
 That's the Spanish moss I have on my list to "buy" at the craft store!!! To "buy" way over priced (may I add) "Oh", he said "how are you planning on getting it out of here?" "I don't think you can just pick up a hunk and walk out with it." Thankfully that problem was solved when I found a young clerk who told me with a very puzzled look (I'm sure he was thinking silly woman) that I could have what I wanted, and gave me a veggie bag to fill. "Oh sweet Mary Mead" So there we were I in ecstasy shoving my bag full and there's LW trying not to look like he knew me!! :) Finally he said we have to go to which I said "why am I causing a bit of embarrassment???" "Ah yep" he said, "I think I may have reach my indulgence limit for the day". Poor guy see what I mean he has sooooo earned his halo. I'm sure I looked like a crazed Bag Lady to all the other self respecting adults!!!
But surely you guys understand, wouldn't you do the exact same thing???? I mean it's a good thing I didn't have a big black leaf bag!! I'm just sayin :)

But being the ever wonderful angel that he is, by the time we were in the car we were both giggling about the looks some of the grownups were throwing our way!!!! :)

Have an audacious art filled day (I know I will) no matter where in the world you are   p;) 

PS. Pictures of our little faux evergreen Christmas tree in a couple of days.


pamq said...

Perhaps you need to start carrying your own black leaf bags..........

Great score!

stregata said...

Way cool. I have to buy the spanish moss at the florist's supply. The good news is: it will keep for ages in a cool place. Which I have no problem supplying...
Now I am wondering what you will be doing with it...
I can always tell it is nearing Christmas, when the asparagus and strawberries start showing up in the fruit and vegetable department - I just don't understand who would want to eat asparagus and strawberries at this time of year?

SummersStudio said...

The spanish moss is absolutely the bestest find! I'd be passing on the berries too. My god that's like robbery. But the lime, garlic, chile flavoured vinegar sounds divine. Happy decorating. Christmas just brings out the very best.

Tristan Robin said...

good on you! I would have carried it home, too! LOL

I've been known to walk the streets of the city on Palm Sunday to collect the (fabulous) wooden crates that the palms are packed in when being delivered to the churches!~

Rustic Tarts said...

Well spotted and a great score.

Riki Schumacher said...

HHHAAA!! OMG, I can just picture that. It is totally something I would do. We artists are from one bolt of cloth, aren't we?? How funny. Well you did exactly the right thing. Your tree will be beautiful, and FREE and your friends will be totally envious. Thank you so much for the kind words about my article Patti, you are so sweet. And supportive! I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful holiday down south. Boy things have changed, it used to be so cheap to buy things in Mexico! Take care, big hug, Riki

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