Thursday, December 02, 2010

Creating Just For Me

I decided that after all the creating for the bazaar and the first Art Walk that maybe it was time to make something for me. Actually I made 2 somethings. I made this necklace, well almost, cuz I'm doing a bit of test driving with it. I really like what I have so far but I have that nagging feeling that it's not quite done. You all know that feeling I'm talking about. Yes? So for now I have only one close up. I used
6 mm  Chiapas amber heishi beads and 5mm garnet heishi. The focal is an awesome Art Deco rhinestone pin. I wired the pin to two polymer clay "Victorian Mourning"  hand charms I made. Patina to resemble carved bone or maybe ivory (sorta kinda).
Oops I apologize for the lighting issues of these photos. This is the time of the year that finding good indirect lighting can be a challenge. Especially when Annelise refuses to model out in the middle of the street! Something about union rules. Go figure...sheesh... 

I just have a small lobster claw on the back until I decide how I want to finish the piece.

The other little gift to me is a new "vestita" Although I should say that it's mine until someone decides they have to have it. If nothing else it sure keeps me from getting bored with my clothes. I never seem to keep them in my closet very long. :) The top of this one started life as a little cotton blouse. You know, those soft, very detailed stitching cotton tops that are made in India. It had short slightly puffed sleeves I cut off. Then I shorten the body about 11inches.
The bottom piece is this lovely black and oatmeal colored toile. One of the fabrics I brought back from the Northlands last summer. For as long as I can remember I have always been rather smitten with toile. Especially the very detailed "story" ones. When I was small my mum would place me and a piece of toile in the shopping cart or on a chair while she was fabric and pattern shopping. My instructions were to discover what the story in the toile was about. She knew that would keep my over active imagination in hyper-drive for hours. Heck sometimes she was the one asking if I was ready to go home yet!! :)
I attached the toile to the blouse with a 3inch wide piece of toile covered with a piece of coffee dyed vintage lace table cloth. Instead of gathering the bottom to fit I used pleats. I congregated them in the middle of the back so it kinda reminds you of Victorian bustle. Without all the bulging and poofiness that does nothing for this girl's back side! At the very bottom is this cool vintage satin finished cotton lace I dip in coffee (of course)
I removed the buttons on the front added brown velvet ribbon along the front and around the neck. I top stitched it on with the only "decorative" stitch my machine has. More satin finished coffee dyed trim around the arm holes. I overlap the front so that it fit a bit better. Attached 2 vintage rhinestone & pearl earrings on the front of the "lapels" I created.
The vestita closes at the waist with a couple of  hidden snaps. On the outside I have an amazing art deco rhinestone dress clip. I found it and 4 others on eBay a few months ago. They went for a song because there were some dead stones, and tarnished silver. Can you believe some people can't see the beauty in well earned patina and barnacles??? Just think of the stories it could tell if it "only had a voice" :)
Shhhh don't tell Annalise but this vestita fits me a whole lot better then it fit her!! No kidding it really does look rather fetching on someone who has a bit more hmmm weight shall we say in the top part :) of her chest. She still holds out hope that she will grow into a bit more mature shape. I'm thinking that the only way of that happening is a couple of  LW's rolled up sport socks. Oye I know that was more then you wanted to know. So on that note I think I better make a bit of a mercy run to my bloglandian sisters in Europe. Yuk is freezing and snowing over there. Hang on girls I'm on my way with a suitcase full of sun, sand, margaritas and sunscreen!!!

Have an audacious art filled day no matter where in the world you are   p;)  


SummersStudio said...

Your newest vestita is truly amazing. I love the toille patern fabric on the bottom and all of the lace additions are irresitabe.

stregata said...

Please hurry up with that suitcase, Hermanita! -8° and a truckload of snow - you know we need you.
Your vestita is fabulous. And that Art Deco dress clip does have a voice, now. Just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE! This one would look so great over my skinny jeans! You're amazing, Pattie!

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