Friday, November 20, 2009

Bugs Bracelets and Revolution Day

Wow if that's not a hodge podge of topics. :) First Bugs and Bracelets. KJ at Silver Parrot has a little son who like all little sons is enamored with those multilegged creatures. For simplicity we'll just say bugs. ;) KJ being the good mom willingly braves multiple bug habitats and hangouts to get the perfect photos for the demanding Bugaphile she lives with!! Hmmm I don't think you can call him The Bug Whisperer because no 6year old boy is physically capable of whispering!! :) Perhaps The Mighty Bug Hunter is a better fit. Whoops I'm really wondering off the trail here. Any how KJ issued a bit of a buggy challenge in honor of TMBH (the mighty bug hunter) She has challenge us to make a bracelet in the colors of a couple of TMBH's favorite bugs. You still have a bit of time to play along. Deadline is Sunday. If you want to check out the bug choices or you would like to see what the challenge bracelets look like head on over to The Silver Parrot.
I decided I'd use the colors that are in the beautiful black butterfly. I love the way the blacks, browns, blue, and tiny touch of white all work together without any one color standing up screaming LOOK AT ME!! :) since this little bracelet is for me I made it very simple to wear all the time. I also thought I would place the birthstones of my three grown up bug lovers in the center of the bracelet along with an exquisite brass mermaid charm my Bloglandian Sister Renate sent to me. OH she sent a whole box of wonderful things. I promise to share all my treats as I get resettled.

The black jet beads are spaced between little copper glass seed beads. The center "stone" is a pearl, for Peder's June birthday. On either side is a ruby for Ander's July and a sapphire for Mette's Sept birthdays. On the outside of those stones I place a couple of smokey topaz, the Mom's Nov birthday. :)

There you go nice and simple with some of my favorite colors to wear and play with.

November 20th is Mexico's Revolution Day. The day is always celebrated with a huge city wide parade. All the schools participate, along with service organizations, military, private sector, government get it.... everyone!!!!!!! The bands start practicing in early Sept.

There are amazing and sorta amazing drum and bugle marching bands And every band has it's own uniforms and flag carriers.

Many dress in period costumes. This was a revolution of the people and women along with men fought for civil justice. There are many family stories where the women fought bravely defending their families and homes. Often if the man was killed or injured the woman would fight in his place.

Many of the schools had there gymnastic athletes marching. Now you tell me the last time you saw a parade up in the Northland where the athletes vaulted, jumped, tumbled and constructed pyramids all the way down the route???? :)

And as always the proud horse riders are always ready for a good parade.

Viva la Revolucion y Tierra para quien la Trabaje (Long live the Revolution & Land for those who work)

Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are p;)


stregata said...

Lovely bracelet that really mirrors the colours of that butterfly - and has so much personal meaning! It is perfect for you! Am so glad you like those mermaids!

SummersStudio said...

Beautiful necklace with perfect colours. I love the sentiment in choosing your stones.

I have seen parades and celebrations in Mexico and they are wonderful and so colourful. But sadly, I have never been there to celebrate the revolution. That would be amazing.

Silver Parrot said...

Thanks so much for playing in my challenge - I really like what you did and am off to blog about it now!

Tristan Robin said...

terrific post (I love that you're as random as I am LOL).

the parade looks so festive - I would love to see one!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Oh, really gorgeous necklace! And I love the pictures from the parade! Also love the pic. of you sailing on the side bar!!!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful, the bracelet and the parade.
I lived in Guadalajara for a year in 1974-1975 and totally loved it.

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