Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Spring Break ????

When I decided to start my blog I made a few promises to myself. I would stay positive, non political (as possible) and just have fun with it. I also didn't want to be a how to move to Mexico guide, or an "Oh My God you will never believe this one Vern". My blog is just my day to day thoughts as I go about living in a new and very different culture and country.

But Dad Burn it once in awhile you have to kick a big bully in the shins when they are shoveling manure in your sand box !! I'm sure by now every living, breathing human and not so human being in the US has heard the State Department's and news media's dire warnings that Mexico is a "WAR ZONE" Balderdash!!!!!!!!!!! Yes the US/Mexican border cities are dangerous and violent places right now. And Yes I sure wouldn't be planning a vacation there any time soon I also don't think I'm going to plan a vacation to a number of areas in NYC, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas... But that doesn't mean that I wouldn't enjoy a vacation to Miami Washington DC, NYC... or The UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!!!

My little resort city of 450,000's economy survives on the tourist trade. It's 101 Economics. When we have tourists we have income When we don't have tourist we don't have income. The tourist season is from Mid-November till the end of April. Then in July we have a two week burst when the Mexican official 2week vacation starts. Those 5 months determine the survival of many of the businesses in town. Last year with the worsening US economy we suffered with a smaller tourist income. But this year with the bleak economics in the US and Canada not to mention Europe it has been a daily struggle for many businesses. Things where very bleak for many but the hope was that Spring Break and then the Mexican Easter holiday would keep things afloat. Then the State Department issued it's exaggerated warnings and the sensational starved news medias where off and running.

Oye, I'm getting a headache. I can talk till I'm blue in the face, bang my head against the wall and all that will happen is I have to buy heavier makeup and take more Tylenol :( So what a few expats here in Mexico have done is put together a little site.
"The Truth About Mexico". Why don't you take a few minutes and check it out. There are blogs from all over Mexico, They are more then happy to share with you their little slices of home. I'm also going to put the website button over to the right (see it just below baby Dylan?) Any time you want to know how things are in Mexico go check the site it'll tell you the rest of the story! :) Oh and do me a favor if you run into someone that tells you they were going to come to Mexico for vacation but now..... please give them the site's link or better yet send them my link. This really is an amazing country and should be on everyone's list of "One Thousand things to do before I die" !! :)

Tomorrow we return to a much happier, positive chi state of mind!! :) In the mean time here's a bit of a promotional video on my city. Wait Wait before you play it. Run to the kitchen, grab a cold Corona, what no Corona sheesh okay what ever ya got then. Grab the coconut sunscreen and slather some on. Squeeeeeze into last year's swimsuit, YIKES don't be looking in any mirrors!! :) Okay now on the way back to your computer turn on all the lights and turn up the heat (simulate summ summ sumertime) Okay ENJOY.........

Have a most audacious day or evening bloglandia depending on where in the world you are ;)


Tristan Robin said...

I'm sure this will not be the last time that we have made outrageous blanket statements about others elsewhere and caused hardship and hurt feelings.

I love my country - but we can be incredibly self-centered and involved...and often not think of the repercussions of our actions - or words.

(nice video! I'd LOVE to visit!)

xashee's corner said...

personally i would LOVE to drive down and visit Mexico. Husband just doesn't feel the same as i do. we know an older couple that drives there a few times a year and i VOW to make it ONCE with them! :) Thank you so much for sharing!! Have a FANTASTIC day!

Nancy said...

Nice post, Pattie. All of us have such different readership that it is wonderful to get the word out through every blog we can!

Viva Mexico!

Miss Muggins said...

Oh Pattie, would so love to visit your lovely part of the world, if only time and money would permit xx said...

I'm glad to hear that it really isn't as scary as the news makes it sound!

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