Friday, March 20, 2009

Mermaid Tears & Coke

You would think with as many statues in Mazatlan dedicated to the Mermaid there would be no shortness of mermaid tears on the beaches??

But in the last couple of years they have been on the scarce side. I know this because every time LW and I spend time at any of the beaches in or around Mazatlan I always take a walk on the beach with my eyes glued to the sand. I am card carrying Stasher you know :) Once you realize that the shells on the beach are always there and you don't have to haul home every shell you pick up "cuz well you can never be to sure you will find a whole one like this" you become a might picky. Okay well LW probably is still waiting for me to get to that stage :) But you do get a might bit picky. No cracked, broken, or partial shells.

But when it comes to Mermaid tears... Calling them pieces of sea glass or beach glass just doesn't do justice to such beautiful gems, do you think??

Well you never leave a found mermaid tear unless it needs to go back in the ocean for a few more years of polishing. The first couple of years you could plan on finding a nice handful each time you looked. But these last 4 tide/cycle seasons have been a bust. I went MONTHS like 6-7 without finding one little piece :( I had given the kids all of my stash when they came to visit, because it was easy enough to build it back. So that meant I've had none all this time. Until yesterday!!! It's back, look at all I found on just a short piece of beach!!

Notice a very common color missing... brown?? I know many people don't collect brown because it's so plentiful, but here for what ever reason it's not. Go figure in the home of Pacifico beer you'd think there would be tons?? :)

But then those scarce colors like very light aqua are very common. Know why?? Maybe because Coke still comes in bottles here.

Besides them making awesome Mermaid tears, the coke in the bottles here is the BEST in the whole world. No kidding, Coke made and bottled in Mexico is the same secret recipe but the ingredients are different. In the Northern Lands because of an over abundance of corn syrup it's what is used as the sweetener. Here the sweetener of choice is from the sugar cane plant. And believe me cane sugar makes a huge difference in the taste. In fact for years little Mexican grocery stores in the States have been importing it. But I noticed that the last time I was up north Mexican coke is catching on and expensive import markets and chi chi restaurants are advertising it. But boy oh boy is it expensive up there!!

Hmmmmm all this talk about ice cold coke has made me a might parched. I think it might be time to bid you all farewell and head to the kitchen for a "Coca con mucho hielo" (coke with lots of ice) Say the word yellow fast and that's close to pronouncing hielo. H in Spanish is not pronounced. :)

Have a most audacious day or evening my Bloglandian friends depending on where in the world you are ;)


Tristan Robin said...

delightful post - and you get the award for best Post Title of the Day!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

That's interesting, I never met a Mexican who like Coke brand before-- here they far prefer Pepsi...they say it "Per-si" and like it because it is sweeter than the Coke. Our Dr. Pepper in this part of Texas is cane-sweetened and people swear by it.

Your sea glass is pretty! Maybe the tides and such determine what parts of the year it is deposited on shore?

LuLu Kellogg said...

WOW really hit the jackpot. Guess who else hit the jackpot? Moi! (and I am pretty sure you know why!)

I sent you an email this morning amidst my tears of joy at receiving my package.

You are nothing short of AMAZING!

Much Love,

Wildflowerhouse said...

Hey Pattie, I had read your blog this morning but was in a hurry to get to the beach before the rain comes back. Today I found brown, white and one tiny light yellow pc. The other day further up the coast I found lots of blue and green. I think the currents and tides play a big roll. I love your mermaids. What beautiful works of art. It's raining out and they are saying possible snow tomorrow. NO no no!!!! Enough already. Sharon

Linda Vincent said...

Hi Pattie.....I'm also a fervent beachcomber. I don't have ornaments in my house...just pebbles, shells and nuggets of sea-worn glass (mainly from France and Greece). I've just watched the video clip and will be booking my ticket very soon - have a Coca con mucho hielo ready for me...
Linda xx

xashee's corner said...

wow!!! i LOVE your sea glass and never knew them as Mermaid tears! and yes i like the Mermaid tears name much better! Thank you so very much for sharing such WONDERFUL info and photos! :) i can hardly wait to get back to the beach too!!! Have a FANTASTIC day!

Tracy M. said...

It's true the Coke in Mexico is the BEST. I always have to have some when I am there. I thought maybe it was the bottle, now I know the secret.
Thank You and have a lovely week!
Tracy M.

Castle in the Air said...

I love this post!

Geralyn Gray said...

As a fellow seaglass collector--I was happy to read you found some after such a lonnnnnng time without finding any.

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