Thursday, September 18, 2008


The big dogs are all squared away, Nena,our little street dog went over to Auntie Jan's dog camp. Talli and Nickie the two older Labs will hold down the fort here. Abby will house sit and dog sit. The two little guys (chihuahua puppies) will be riding with us. This takes more planning then it did when the kids were little :c} We have the bags packed, the dog's bags packed, ice chest. Because we are traveling the byways of Mexico we have our emergency travel tote stocked. Because we will be on the road for 3 days that means two nights in hotels. The only two large cities we go by are Guadalajara and Mexico City. Thankfully we don't have to drive into either one of them. We plan on stopping at a couple of towns just off the Maxipista (four lane toll roads) Most smaller hotels don't have any web presence and there are not any "franchise" hotels here. So making reservations isn't possible. Besides that take half the excitement out of the trip!! :c} Okay back to the emergency travel tote (ETT). It takes time, a number of trips, and conversations with fellow travelers to know what needs to go in the bag. We always pack: Towel & wash cloth, soap, bed sheets, our pillows, tea, & coffee, mirror, tee paper, paper towels extension cord, and 60 watt light bulbs!! You can't believe how many times we have checked into a room to find maybe 2 light bulbs in the whole room including the bathroom!! And then they are never over 40watts:c}

Tomorrow night we aren't to sure what we might find. I'm going to be happy with a clean room and bathroom. That being said I'll be surprised if there is internet. So this could be the last posting for a couple of days :c{ Not to worry. I'll be sure LW stops at all photo opps ;c} We do go through some awesome country!!!

I am pleased to say that the jackets are done!!! (Happy Dance :c}) I sure hope that Debbie likes hers, I think they turned out really well. Here are a few pictures of the red and green one. The battery died before I got any of the green and tan one

I really had a lot of fun making these. Especially playing around with the "tarnished bling" and tea dying the cotton lace!! :c}

Well my bloglandian friends LW is giving me the "we have to get up early tomorrow" look. Have a good evening or day depending on what part of the world you are in :c}

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Charmingdesigns said...

I wish you a happy safe trip! I just found out you are missing on my google reader so I have been missing your posts. I cant wait to hear more about your trip! Let us know when you arrive! Laurie

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