Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Bazillion Thanks

Oh GOOD GRIEF, this is it my very first entry on my very first blog!! I can't remember when I have fretted, erased, redid, fretted, erased, and redid.... as much as I have with this blog ;c} Why you may ask would a woman who is use to writing for public consummation finds this venue so intimidating?? Well It's very simple. When I wrote or published in BM (before Mexico) it was professionally. The woman behind the title was never exposed. But here on my Blog (oh I like the sound of that:c} ) it's about me, the personal me, the woman who lives in this body. I don't know about you but for me the intimidation factor is WAY up there. But with the encouragement from many supportive sisters in "Bloglandia" I'm dipping that toe in the pool.

SO it's through this Blog I hope to share my day to day life as I learn about, adapt and become part of my adopted country's culture. I have always been an Artsy Crafty type of gal, who loves to build her nest with her own creations. When we moved to Mexico since we were starting a new phase of our lives we decided we'd come with a clean slate. So we sold, gave away or donated everything except what we were sure WE couldn't live without. We bought a 5'/8' trailer what treasures fit came what didn't was given new homes. It has been one of the best decisions we ever made. Because now I have all the reasons in the world to cut and paste and sew, and fluff and imagine and CREATE :c}

By some Tiny Miracle I have been allowed the chance to create, nurture and enjoy the friendships of a wonderful gifted and sharing community here in "Bloglandia" If you have a bit of time I'd like to invite you to check in on me once in awhile. Maybe check to see what project I'm working on or explain why a simple trip to the fabric store becomes a Three Stooges movie with the audio running backwards :c}

Nope didn't forget about the title. And as it says I own a number of new sisters/friends a bazillion and one thanks!!!! There's Nancy here in Mazatlan. But most especially I would still be sitting on the outside with my nose pressed against the screen if not for Dawn from The Feathered Nest and Laurie form Laurie's Charming Designs holding my hand, and leading the cheering section of this 'Little" (HA) production!!!!!!!!!! So you two I'm proud to say I've joined the ranks of your amazing fan clubs!! (Note Please can someone please tell me how to get the blog titles to link back to the blogs?)

Hmmm what do you guys think not to bad for a maiden run?? Tomorrow I think I might even get a bit cocky and try adding a picture or two. Stay tuned, it's Market day if Tropical Storm Lowell lets up ;c}


The Feathered Nest said...

Yaaaaaay Pattie!!! You did a WONDERFUL job!!! It's so good to have you here and do not worry to leave a comment to ask folks to visit, please let me introduce you properly!! OH and to link, all you do is when you are creating your post, highlight the name of the blog or person, then click on the little chain button where the font and size area is and then paste in a highlighted and copied web address.

I usually visit that blog then copy (control "C") the blog's address that's in my browser's window then paste it into the tiny link window (control "V") and then the words will be highlighted because they are linked!

Welcome Pattie to the Land of Blog ~ it's filled with kindness, creativity and inspiration!!!! xxoo, Dawn

Rustic Tarts said...

G'day Pattie from Australia!
I was just reading Dawn's blog and thought I would pop over and wish you all the best - and you wouldn't believe what a total surprise to see that you had us listed as one of "The Women who Inspire me"!!!!
"Unreal Banana Peel"
You have done a wonderful job with your blog, I can see I have some stiff competition....LOL. I keep saying that I need to add some links and still haven't done it.
Nice to read about your life.
PS My 7yo son just loves the Mona Lisa - and anything created by Leonardo da Vinci - so he was so excited to see her painting here, when I showed him.

BailiwickStudio said...

Welcome to blogland! It sounds like you'll have a lot to write about, living in Mexico. How wonderful to realise your dream! ::Jill

Country French Antiques said...

Bienvenue Patti,
I found you via Dawn.
Exciting to have someone from Mexico! I look forward to reading your posts and adventures in another culture.
Have a beautiful day!!
PS. Love the colors of that house.

woolies said...

hi - blogging is fun, you'll love it. We spent a week in San Carlos last summer, on the Sea of Cortez - fell in love with Mexico.

love to see more pics of where you live!

Charmingdesigns said...

Ooooh Pattie!! Your blog is WONDERFUL!! I cant wait to hear more!! I'll mention you on my blog today!! Laurie

Anonymous said...

Welcome to blog land. Your first post is wonderful. I will look forward to seeing your daily posts.


Sandy said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! What a fun adventure you are on. I just celebrated my one year of blogging and let me tell you, it goes by very fast. I wish you much success!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Canada!
You did really well for your first post,I will be back I found you through Charmingdesigns !
Take care

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Welcome to blogworld! It is a great place to be!

Elizabeth said...


Welcome to Blogdom. I hope you enjoy this new pursuit and all the new friends you are making.

I love your pictures. Where you live looks like a lovely place.

Stop by anytime and good luck to you!

Cape Cod Washashore said...

Well I owe YOU a big heap of thanks for the sweet note you left on my blog! And your blog is WONDERFUL! I can tell you put your heart and soul into it, and I will be back many many times! =)

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Welcome to blogland! Your blog is great! Love the photos of Mexico...lucky you, and so brave. I love your "road directions" on your sidebar and agree 100%. I'm off to add you to my blog.Thanks for visiting my blog and writing such wonderful things :-). See ya soon!!!Happy blogging.....

Unknown said...

Welcome to Bloglandia, Pattie! I will be happy to come in and learn about life in Mexico! What an adventure and what an adventuress you are!


Hi Patti,
Welcome and just have fun! Good luck with the pictures!

Marilyn Miller said...

Welcome Patti,

I am sure you will enjoy the blog world. Good start to a wonderful adventure.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Blogville! I came by way of Laurie's blog to say "Hi!" I, too, am a fan of Laurie and Dawn's blogs! They are amazing ladies! I'll stop by and check on how you're doing in Mexico! You are off to a great start!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Hello--and welcome to Blogland! I would say you are off to a fabulous start--who hasn't dreamt of getting rid of all their things, packing up, moving to a new country, and starting all over?? I'm intriqued and look forward to seeing what things you will make to fluff up your new nest!
Smiles, Karen

Sans said...

Welcome to Mazatlan and also to blogging!

Anonymous said...

You will have a lot of fun with blogging. I think the background makes it kinda busy when reading the words, but maybe my poor computer eyes are all worn out. Only a minor thing, but maybe there is a more neutral background available to make reading easier. Have fun with your blog! Mexico has no shortage of material.

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