Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ice Tea Break

Taking a short break between the lace and trim stitching Well I mean LW is enjoying his afternoon siesta so I thought a break of blog hopping and ice tea was in order.

Seems like this is a good day for give aways:c} So when you have a bit of time slip on over to Marietta at Sweet Old Vintage She is having a give away on the paperdoll ornaments she makes.

Then while you are out visiting head over to Rhonda Mums she is haveing an awesome Wedding Anniversary give away!!

Got to go tea is gone time to get a sewin.


Charmingdesigns said...

What do you do when you go to the beach?? How far is it from where you live? Did the ocean kick up some waves from the storm? I like your outfit with all the ruffles. LOL. That hat would give me a headache!
Your wallpaper is beautiful! Dawn is the best helper ever! I'll get back to your email in a bit, hope you had a wonderful day! Laurie

Antiques In Old Town said...

Pattie , so excited for your new blog ! What an exciting life you are living. I'm just back from the Northwest , spent a week with my family . Lots of fun , boy am i tired ! Talk Soon Rowann

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