Monday, August 16, 2010

Renate's Heart & ABS Challenge??

Over the weekend I found a bit of creativity lurking about. Since that's not always the case I decided to make good use of it. Remember awhile back the amazing mended heart Renate, Put a Bit of Magic in Your Life made for me???
 I have been so anxious to wear it, but hadn't come up with just the right supporting cast for it. In fact I had incorporated it into another necklace. But after I got it made, it just wasn't right. The necklace detracted from Renate's simple,earthy,rustic,real heart. I wanted the necklace whatever it was to support and help draw attention to the heart. So the heart was replaced in the original necklace and I started over with Reni's. I'm quite pleased this new one. In fact I've worn it every day since I made it. It has the same comfort as putting on your favorite worn in jeans, or tee shirt. :)
I used both amber and turquoise heishi beads and copper wire. Very simple very perfect. For me the two types of stones reinforce the story of the heart. All 3 components started out bright,shiny,new,and unblemished. As time and the forces of "life" began to influence them, they began to change, absorb,and incorporate. Along the way they gained the beautiful depth and multilayer of the many influences they encountered. They also grew stronger with each influence, they learned to adapt,mend absorb. They became the sum of all their parts, so that they no longer are the same fresh, fragile beauty they started out as. Now they are a warm, interesting, multidimensional,and ever so much stronger "element" 

While making the necklace I ran across the August challenge on Art Bead Scene's blog. And by some happy coincidence the colors in the necklace are a very good reflection of this month's painting. Hmmmm what do you guys think, shall I submit "Reni's Heart" as my interpretation of ABS's challenge?? 
Blog update (8/17/10) Sadly after reading through all the requirements I decided not to enter. One of them says that stamped metal pendents were not considered art beads. I think the argument could be made that Renate created the heart from a raw piece of copper sheeting, not a pre stamped metal heart. But it's just to warm these days to spend time debating the intent and interpretation of rules. I would much rather just wear Reni's beautiful heart, as a reminder of the beautiful, creative, and thoughtful person my dear Hermanita is. :) 
It would be a lovely way to show off Renate's incredible artistry reflected in her hand made "art bead"!

Have a most audacious art filled day no matter where ever you are in the world    p;)


Anonymous said...
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Dave Robertson said...

Hi, and congratulations from Rings & Things!

You're one of our 10 lucky winners of a Blog Partners "Goodie pack" for July.

Could you email me your address so I can mail these delightful items to you?

:) Dave
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Charmingdesigns said...

ok sister....I'm up for more classes...Let me know where to check it out

Cindy said...

What a beatiful piece, Pattie! And I agree with you... Ren's heart would surely qualify as an art bead in my book! :-)

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