Monday, August 23, 2010

My Favorite Day of the Year !!

About 5&1/2 years ago LW and I started "ah-courtin". It didn't take very long for us both to come to the same realization that we had each found our soulmate, bestest buddies,partners in this great adventure of life. So it was 5 years ago today that we, as they say pledged our troths for each other, and I became the luckiest girl in the universe!! 
We have had a wonderful and very quiet day at Stone Island's beach. Besides being Monday a very slow beach day, today is the first day of school! :)
Sooooooo if you excuse me please. The day is far from over, as they say the evening is still young, and "Me an the mister"
are going to watch the sun set on our little corner of paradise!
Have a most audacious art filled day no matter where you are in the world  p;)


SummersStudio said...

Happy aniversary, my friend!

Charmingdesigns said...

Yippee!! I am so glad you two found each other..Life is good!
It cooled off here tonight!!! finally

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