Monday, August 30, 2010

A Lot of H&H, A Vestita & An Enameled Leaf

That would be Heat & Humidity and boy have we got some! You know I can usually refrain from whining most all of the rainy season (summer). But when it gets to the point where the percentage of humidity is higher then the temperature. When you can't get your clothes on fast enough before you can ring water out of them. When even stick straight hair gets frizzy, When the baby power you use to keep your tender skin creases dry has the consistency of gruel. When just trying to generate a thought makes you sweat like the engineer feeding coal to the train's steam engine...  I can't seem to help myself! 

About the only thing I got made this week was an upcycled vestita. I started out with a cotton, sleeveless, button up the front top. You know one of those cheapy India meets Bohemia tops the import markets have?? I cut about 10inches off the body and cut the arm holes bigger 
For the bottom ruffles I used two of the fabrics I brought back from the Northlands last month. Of course both pieces (along with the top) were given a nice long soak in a tub of tea. Kinda toned down the bright colors and added a bit of depth. The red stripe is a nice dark red ticking and the blue is a copy of an antique pattern of toile de jouy. I really like it because the scene is quite different from the usual maidens running around the meadow chasing boys :)
A bit of a Persian feel. The original fabric dates back to Napoleon's trips to Northern Africa/Persia. On the bottom of the red stripe ticking I added a small decorative stitch. That fabric would rather unravel then fray it left alone. So the stitch will keep the whole piece from unraveling. In the eyelet that runs around the neck I threaded a piece of frayed vintage sari ribbon very close to the same color of blue.
Did you happen to notice the awesome enameled leaf and adorable bird strung on sari silk (that just happens to match the vestita)??? Oh I thought you had. Well the most amazing,gifted and generous kindred sister Deryn made it for me!! Have you noticed how everything she makes has a magical feel?? So simple but conveys such complicated thoughts!

On the back of the vestita at the neck I  stitched a bit of vintage lace trim, a scrap of material and a pretty blue rhinestone earring. I like to add a little hint on the back of things about what the front might look like.
So there you have my only completed project, that took all of last week to get it done. Woo tomorrow is the first day of September, that means we only have maybe, God willing and the creek don't rise six more weeks of homesteading in a sauna!! :)
Please have an audacious art filled day no matter where in the world you are  p;)


Miss Muggins said...

A simply stunning duo!
I loved the humidity in Honduras - my hair and skin were fantastic!

SummersStudio said...

Uggh!I think you are owed a whinge or two when the humidity rises to epic proportions. Love the vestita. And I do agree that everything Deryn touches has a little bit of magic to it. Stay cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am SERIOUSLY in love with this one! I adore the huge sleeve holes...the colors...everything! You've just outdone yourself, Pattie!

MOLLYE said...

This is just about the cutest thing I've seen in awhile! Great job.

LuLu Kellogg said...

This is gorgeous!

pamq said...

You always make the coolest stuff!

Love the blue "Persian" material---seems like lately I have had a thing for elephants.......

And the little bit of bling on the back is awesome!

One of these days I just have to try to sew again...hmmm.......

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