Monday, August 09, 2010

Now This Was What I Was Talking About!!

Do ya know what this is a picture of??? Well I do and it's exactly what I was sure I wanted. Remember when LW came back from the States with the "my new laptop"? That luscious deep red. Do you also remember me saying that the top I really wanted was a cool artzy fartzy one??? Well sometimes good things come to those that patiently wait (without tooo awful much whining). Wouldn't you know that the desktop that LW always used decided it too had been an underappreciated word slave, and refused to carry on.

Well the only answer was to order another laptop and I would bring it down when I returned from the Northlands. Oh but this time there was enough of a lead time that Pattie's artzy fartzy cover could be ordered!!! Yeah!!! And so the picture above is the top of my new artzy fartzy lap top. Cuz you see LW was soooo kind as to take the luscious red top so I could have this one! :)
Well you gotta admit it's colorful and doesn't look like all the other lap tops in the room :)

My new Dell wasn't the only high tech electronic device waiting for me. Just take a look at what LW had waiting for me!!!!
Recognize it??? It's a second generation Kindle, Amazon's awesome dawsome e-book reader! Ohhhh yeah, it's so cool and maybe the best part is the instructions are sooooo simple that even I was able to set it up, buy my first e-novel, brew a cup of tea and read the first page in under 15 minutes. No fooling it's sooo easy poesy even an adult can do it! :)
I admit for a dyed in the wool bibliophile there is quite a bit of the ritual of reading a book that is missing. You don't turn the pages, you can't smell the faint odor of dust mites n book worms between the

There isn't the sound or feel of the pages. But it is just as portable as a book :)
But I gotta tell you that after 4 years of living here with limited access to reading material I will gladly sacrifice a few rituals. For LW and I reading is our at home entertainment. Remember we have never replaced our TV after moving down. So instead of planting ourselves in front of a big black box each evening you will find us with our noses planted in a book. We do have a small 10,000 book English language library. Most all the books are donated by people on vacation, so the majority of the volumes are "vacation beach reading" you know romance novels or video games between book covers. New releases are few and far between. I mean who's going to donate a new hardback they just payed $25.00 for. Those usually earn a return spot in the luggage.

There is always the possibility of ordering books from or Borders, etc. but that becomes a real exercise in patience and $$. Ya order the book on line it's sent to our courier box in Texas, from there it's courier across 2 countries borders and customs, taken to Guadalajara, passes through Mexican customs placed back with the courier and brought across country to us. Now you know that the courier doesn't do this out of the goodness of their own heart. Oh no there is a lovely courier/weight cost tacked on. By the time we get that $25.00 free shipping book 4-5 weeks after ordering, it cost us around $50.00. And now you can't even remember why you wanted to read it in the first place.
I think I can sacrifice a few details to feed my addiction to reading a good story. Heck when I feel the need to fully experience the whole lovely ritual I can always borrow a paper and ink book! :) Until then I'll happily whittle my way through my Amazon wish list!

Have an audacious art filled day no matter where you are in the world.   p;)


Riki Schumacher said...

HI Pattie, what a wonderful colorful cover!! Wow, that's great. And the Kindle looks great. You'll have a blast with it. Take care, little sister, Riki

stregata said...

Your laptop looks very wild - I hope it is more tame on the inside!LOL
Have fun with your new devices.

Cindy said...

Beautiful laptop cover, Pattie. Very well dressed...but to be expected from a talented, sewing fashionista like yourself! :-)
My husband has a Nook and both he and my 9 year old son enjoy downloading books. I've finally stepped it up myself with technology and got a smart phone over the weekend...had to when my old cell phone broke in half (dropped too many times on the ceramic tile by my 1 1/2 year old).

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

love that cover, does it come with a hook? you could hang that on the wall!

MOLLYE said...

Hi Patti, I am glad you got your Kindle. I got mine in March and am still lovin it. Be sure to check out all the "Free" books, as I've only bought 3 since I got mine and have probably 20 or 30 of the free ones downloaded and quite a few have been really good. XXMollye

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