Friday, August 28, 2009

A Dulce Update and Giveaways!!!!!! :)

Just so you know this picture has nothing really to do with my posting but sometimes you need an ME smile! :)
Dulce is the young woman (18) how comes to clean for me 3 hours on Wednesdays and 5 hours on Saturday. If you read my posting back last spring you might remember my postings about Dulce successfully challenging her secondary school classes. Here is the posting if you would like to read it. The readers digest version is that Secondary school is Jr. High in the States. Callegio is high school. Dulce had missed so many days of school during primary school that she did not graduate until 2007. Remember that school is not considered important to many young women especially in the labor neighborhoods. Women get married have babies and don't need an education for that. The fall of 2007 Dulce decided that an education was a way for her to gain Independence and not follow the status quo. Last year she became determined that she would challenge all of her secondary school classes and graduate in the spring, so she could start high school this year. We all sweated bullets because she had to cram 2-3 years worth of classes, homework, studying for the challenge tests, and taking the tests into 10 months. She did it and with honors!! This was her first week of High School, and not in just any high school. She applied and was accepted into one of the best academic schools in the city. Now her plans are to work an accelerated program so she can graduate in a year and a half to apply at the Naval Academy The navy will pay for her uni. which is the ONLY way she could go. When she was here on Weds. I asked her how she liked high school. She got a huge smile on her face and said it was good and then she peeked up through her eyelashes and very quietly said "Muchas Gracias Senora" (thank you) Dang if my eyes didn't start to leak and then she got to leaking and we both got huge smiles and I very quietly said De Nada (your welcome)

Okay time to move on. Giveaways. First Jeanette Blix who owns an on line jewelry tools and supplies store is having her first giveaway. And holy mackerel it's way way generous to say the least. Her first gift is a choice of a Jumbo butane torch, Tranex flush cutters or Swanstrom round nose pliers. But she also has a beautiful pair of earrings she made, just incase you would rather wear your gift :)

Cindy of Sweet Bead Studio donated this cool metal stamped necklace and it's also one of the gifts :) Well that's still not all the give aways you just slip on over there and check it out!!

At Art Bead Scene there is a giveaway of Green Girl Studios beads

Cynthia Thorton's (who is the girl in Green Girl Studios) new book Enchanted Adornments & Creating Mixed Media Jewelry is due out on November 1st this is just a bit of a "spread the word" giveaway

Aren't these mermaid beads way to cute??? I'm sure I'll win this one because I could add these to my teeny tiny mermaid collection. And when I win them my collection won't be so teeny tiny any longer!! :)

Okay on to Lauralei's blog
Inside The Studio She also has a giveaway of Green Girl Studios Beads in celebration of Cynthia's book. This is one book everyone is waiting for. If you haven't ordered your copy yet head over to Amazon. In fact I've made it very easy for you. Hit the picture of the book (look above the mermaids) and it will magically take you to Amazon !! :)

I'm thinking that you guys could all go sign up for these adorable butterfly beads and I could sign up for the mermaids "K"??? :)

Woo I don't know about you but I'm exhausted after all this running around Bloglandia!!

Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are ;)


stregata said...

Hey, Pattie - too strange, my bloglist doesn't show this post???
I just had tears in my eyes from the story about Dulce...
BTW, you are the winner of my giveaway, CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope you get in touch with me - rgstarke (at)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Wow, what a collection of cool giveaways! I really like that cat mermaid charm...

Aw, how nice about Dulce! She lives up to her name. I wish her a lot of luck in her high school work! Distractions are many...hope she can realize her dream of going to the university.

SummersStudio said...

Patti, that is so wonderful about Dulce and school and so generous of you to be there helping her onward. In terms of educational attainment, it is not that different here among young Latina's nor is it uncommon for them to have babies at quite young ages. I truly believe that education is the best way to expand your options and broaden your vision of life. Bravo, to both of you! Now I need to find a tissue, there are tears welling up in my eyes. Hugs, LeAnn

Charmingdesigns said...

I tell you...class was WONDERFUL!!
we just got home...can't wait to show you!! Laurie

sharon said...

Hi Patti! First...thank you sooo soo much for visiting me almost every day, and my apologies for not always getting over here! Your stories are always touching, funny, or both, and I love that! It is so beautiful that you can be such a wonderful mentor to Dulce, this will benefit both of you, but will change Dulce's life in such a positive way that I get chills thinking about it right now! You rock!!
Again, thank you for always being so supportive, it really means a lot! Hugs, Sharon

Cindy said...

Hi Pattie
Thank you for sharing the story about Dulce (what a beautiful name she has) are such a generous soul.
Good luck on Jeanette's give away! I'm crossing my fingers too. :-)

Linda said...

Wow - what great links Pattie; thanks for doing all the work for us,lol !!!
I'm off to try my luck......

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