Monday, August 17, 2009

The Truth About Mermaids

One of the many mermaid statues in Mazatlan.

I've been asked by a few of my friends to help clear up a couple of misconceptions. These would be my errrr ehhhhmmm my Mermaid friends. Yep mermaids. It seems they are tired of all the silly stories going around about them always wishing they had legs. Or worse yet that all they ever do is pine away under the sea crying buckets because they have fallen in love with a human, and will forever be separated.

To set the record straight first they have plenty of hunky "merguys" (look I didn't make up these names, I'm just the messenger here), to be bothering with "landguys" Besides they have been walking on dry land far longer then 2 legged humans have. See they got here first. You know the seas were made on day 2-3 something like that. After God made land he asked the Merlandians if they would like to live in this garden where there were all these great apple trees (but they couldn't eat any of the apples) The Merlandians said naw so God had to create humans. Okay so you know this part we'll just be skipping ahead. :) When A&E decided to sneak an apple cuz no one would ever know, it was the Merlandians that ratted... okay okay informed God of the human's transgression. :) Skipping ahead again God said "how can I ever reward you ??? and the Merlandians said, how about giving us legs and lungs so we can dry out every so often??" Sure no problem said God. Come by tomorrow and I'll give you a magical talisman that will let you walk and breath on land. Next day just like he promised God had a magic talisman for them.

So from then on the Merlandians could walk on land to "deprunify" It's mostly the mermaids though cuz the merguys are to manly to worry about a bit of pruning. Well that and it could be that the magic talisman is a necklace with a semi nude mermaid hanging on it. :)

Every so often my mergirl-friends come by and ask me to make them outfits so they can be cute girls on land. They tend to like a longer skirt, you know it covers up the pruny skin as it dries out :) This little number is a new one for fall. We are trying something a bit different this season. We have this blue jumper made with some of that permanently wrinkled material. Not to sure if it's going to go over yet but we'll have to see. I made a stretch cotton skirt in brown to go under the jumper.

Stretch is always good. Sometimes it takes awhile to slim down when your losing a lot of "water weight" ;)

Added a little flower print false slip and tea dyed lace at the bottom. Draws the eye away from the hips as they are slimming down ;)

I'm sure you also noticed the lovely necklace Annalise has on while she is modeling, yes?? Well if you didn't go back up there and look, hurry up we'll wait. That dear Bloglandians is the magical talisman God made for the Merlandians so they could walk and breath out of water.

All those millenniums ago he (God) scooped up a hand full of pine resin and make some nice little beads. When he was done he had a couple of larger blobs that had a few bugs stuck in it so he strung them on with the little ones. By now those beads are nice and hard are called amber. They carry the wisdom and positive chi of the earth. He made the blue beads from the blue sand on the island of Atlantis, by rolling the sand in his hands till it became blue glass. Into the blue glass he blew the gifts of trust and acceptance. He added 4 small green sea glass beads as a reminder of the power simple water has to change the course of the mountain.

He created the mermaid out of molten pewter to remind the wearer "to thine own self be true

It was the Merlandians who added the silk sari ties, as a reminder that a simple silk thread is strong enough to bind a people together.

At the very end of the strips of sari they tied 2 beautiful shells. If you place them up to your ear you can hear the ocean calling her children home. That's why no Merlandian has ever stayed on land. They are as much a part of the ocean as the ocean is a part of them. Although the mermaid has become pitted and worn away, and the resins are now petrified with the passage of time there is still enough magic to allow Merlandians to walk among humans. :)

Okay are we straight on the historical facts now??? No more sappy stories about mermaids sitting on rocks crying buckets cuz they wish they had 2 pegs to walk on!!!

Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are ;)

PS. If you too would like to have your very own ancient Mermaid head over to Lynn's blog and follow her ETSY signs. She is the real creator of my fauxtique mermaid!!


Narrative jewelry said...

Beautiful story to explain how such a nice necklace has been created... Love the mix of turquoise blue and amber, and of course, pretty mermaid.

The dress is just so cute, love the lavender color.


SummersStudio said...

You are such a fabulous story teller! I love that necklace. Well the dress too, all woven together with a fantastic story.

stregata said...

What an amazing story!! So glad you shared this with us - and your wonderful necklace!!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Welllllll dearie, now I'm quite suspicious. I wondered why you moved down to Mexico and by the sea...yes, my suspicions are confirmed...YOU ARE A MERMAID, but you're one of the ones with that recessive gene that makes you live on LAND most of the time, and in the water only every so often...ADMIT IT! And you've got your house decorated with sea items to remind you of your beautiful sea-cave "back home" under the to mermaids not being interested in landguys, well, "methinks she doth protest too much," because you fell hook, line, and sinker for LW...LOL...

The Joy of Nesting said...

Thanks all I did have fun playing with Lynn's mermaid!!!

D.P. Okay I admit it!! You are right an all accounts. :) But do keep my secret won't you??

Pattie ;)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hey Pattie, It's been a while since I have been by but I am so glad I am here now. What a delightful story. I love mermaids and am always looking for unusual ones when I am out treasure hunting but I don't have much luck. I just dropped by to say a quick hello and ended up reading for an hour or so. You are really enjoying "paradise"! And so you should be. Please do come by sometime. xo Lynn

Silver Parrot said...

What a great story and I just love that picture of the mermaid statue at the beginning. I picked up some mermaid-related beading goodies from Green Girl Studios recently and your story has inspired me to go work with them. Thanks for sharing!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

you spin an enchanting tale!

(and it's a lovely piece of wearable art!)

Coastal Sisters said...

Love the story and I absolutely love the jewelry. It goes well with the new frock!

I was fluttering around in my apron today and thought of you! I love my apron!!

When is J going home again? I am dying for you to get your box.

Love to you and LW and all the fur babies,


Linda said...

You tell a good story Pattie!!
I adore the necklace.....SO creative!
Boo - Lynn has no mermaids left :-(

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