Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Junker's Guardian Angel

I have mentioned before that Mexico has not reach the point where "vintage" has gained the reputation as anything other then old trash. Vintage, old, antique, patina, tarnish, rust, and any other words that send a certifiable junker's heart into palpitations only brings the advice to "throw it away" Not unlike the US and other northern hemisphere countries a number of generations ago, as a Mexican family becomes more monetarily affluent these "old things" are quickly replaced by new, modern and hi-tech. It's the way you show the world you are wealthy enough to be able to buy new. That you are a success. Because of this attitude locating vintage, much less junque is a real study in patience.

Soooooo I have had to get creative here if I want to make art with vintage junk. :) Thus the recipes for tarnish, rust, crackle paint. I can find all kinds of mediums to remove these scourges but why in heaven's name would I want a medium to make them age?? That's "muy tonto"

In my mission to create with vintage, rust and the most amazing patinas I have resorted to roaming ebay, the internet and ETSY. Hey an addiction is an addiction...but I can quit any time you know, I just don't want ta :) Well in my quest I have met some of the most amazing and gifted artists. One of these incredible artist is Lynn Davis of LLYYNN Because of the frustration of not finding the artifacts and age old junk she taught herself to make them. She creates what she calls "fauxtiques" Oh my gosh you guys I'm completely smitten with her work!!! There is no way I can be trusted to visit her blog or ETSY stores with the visa card in the same room!! :) Take a trip over to her blog ...but not just right this minute K??

Lynn has been creating these hand cast pewter pieces and collages that are sooooooo coool. Every time I see one it inspires all these great ideas for stories to interpreter in jewelry!! Well just look for yourself. I found these amazing pieces that look for all the word as if they were pulled up with an ancient Spanish galleon!! :)

My artifacts are sitting on the wonderful heavy art paper she wrapped them in for there trip. :) A SMALL RANT!! Sometimes blogger can really get me cranky!! Why do you suppose they turned the next two pictures on their sides??? Was it to see if I can still remember how a cus like any self respecting nurse can??? Cuz Dam..Darnit I can!!!! :) Done with the RANT :) There is an old skeleton key and escutcheon I think they came off the door to the captain's quarters. There is an old medallion of Buddha the cabin boy found laying in the ally when they were in a port in India. The metal has been rubbed smooth by it's previous owner's constant rubbing as he prays. The cabin boy nows carries it in his pocket and catches himself rubbing the smooth metal when ever his hands are idle.

There is a wonderful mermaid who was lovingly made by a sailor during the long lonely months of this ocean voyage. It was to be an engagement gift for the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He spent hundreds of hours carving her likeness on the face of the mermaid. Sadly after all these hundreds of years laying in the salty sea, with the constant moving sand her face is only a memory now.

The last piece is the most amazing. It was a gift the captain had commissioned in Africa. It was a 25th anniversary gift for his wife. This was his last voyage so that they might spend the rest of their lives together. She was always the one who held the key to his heart Her constant love and support had become his shield through the many lonely years at sea. And like the sheaves of wheat she nourished, encouraged and protected his children and home. But it also lays at the bottom of the sea marking the place where this galleon on her final voyage was caught in the center of one of Poseidon's famous temper tantrums....

Jeez do you see what I mean about Lynn's Fauxtiques????? How can you not find the most amazing inspirations she has placed in creations???? Okay now you need to go over and see for yourself. I'm positive there is at least one piece that has a story you are meant to bring to life!!

Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are ;)


SharDon Exclusives said...

I'm going, I"m going, right now! Thanks for the trip of imagination. You are so funny..sharon

SummersStudio said...

I love Lynn's work too and you tell a great story here. Her new pewter pieces are absolutely divine, I think.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Pattie, you have a wonderful imagination and I am so pleased these pieces have found you, so you can tell their story.

When I'm making them, I also think of a story in my mind of how they came to be and their history.

Thanks very much for the chance to work with you, I can't wait to see how these pieces emerge in your hands as finished collage or jewelry art.

Coastal Sisters said...

Ohhhhhhhh I love her work!!!! Thank you for telling us about her!!

Love to you and LW,

Cindy said...

What a fun post! You are so creative...I love your stories about Lynn's pieces. What an imagination.

Silver Parrot said...

Blogger does that sideways picture thing to me, too. I think it's because my pictures are too big - at least it seems to fix the problem if I make them smaller. You got some great "fauxtiques!"

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