Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is Summer Over Yet?? :)

YAAAAAA HOOOOOO school starts on Monday for most of all the schools in Mexico!!! That means that our beaches will belong to the locals. All of the National tourists are back home getting back into the swing of things. It is still far to hot for the Snowbirds to start their mass migration south. School up in the Northlands is starting so there are few to no family vacations. All this means to us is quiet, open beaches. Late August through September are very slow months. On one hand we love it because our city is ours. But on the other hand it can be devastating to many vendors and businesses. Many many aren't able to stay afloat in Sept. :(

These are the days that the community tries to support each other through. SO while we might be doing the happy dance as we head to the beach, the clean quiet, beautiful beach, we will be sure to have lunch at one of the palapas. Most days we pack a bit of lunch to take with us. But for the next few weeks we will have a bite of lunch at a beach palapa.

But in my own secret little world, this is my most favorite time of the year. I spent all of my life dreaming of living here. It is here where I find my place in the universe. And it is ever so sweet to even if for a short time not have to share this with anyone else. These are the times LW & I look at each other giggle and whisper "Life is good"

I did get a couple of things made this week while waiting for the last of the vacationers to head home. :) The first pair of earrings I'm really liking. The clear quartz beads look great with the copper wires. I didn't age them because untreated the wires will be on their way to a lovely patina in a week or two. The second pair I can wear with the Mermaid necklace if (and that's a rare if) I feel kinda matchy matchy :)
The third set is just fun!! In fact I've had 2 different friend ask for pairs like them. When I bought this set of vintage typewriter keys from eBay I didn't realize (I'm sure the seller didn't either) that it was from England. See the one key is a British pound sterling sign??? To cool wouldn't you say!!?? I glued a bit of vintage tatting on the back and tied a tiny bit of lace ribbon on the wires.

I also put together this book mark to add to Jackie D's Birthday beach combing bag. She isn't going to be able to come home until the end of Sept. ;( So no birthday lunch till then. But I get an idea every once in awhile like oh I'll make Jackie a .... piece of jewelry. Only to remember that she doesn't wear jewelry :( So what is a girlfriend to do???? Make a book mark cuz I bet her books would love to have a new piece of jewelry now and them :)

If you squint just right you can see I stuck a tiny little sea shell and mermaid's tear in the empty watch case. This way when she has to sit up in land locked Austin reading she has a bit of our beloved beach with her. :) Because it always comes back to the beach. The beach is where I find my happy center it's the place to feel one with all of creation. It's pure magic!! :)

Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are ;)


stregata said...

You are so lucky to live near a beach - sounds like heaven to me! When we were at the beach in Tuscany, you could hardly see the beach, except late in the evening or extremely early in the morning. The rest of the time it is overflowing with people. So, enjoy!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

you've been very productive making little treasures! love things!

I'm ready for summer to be over here - because it's too ^^#%$&#* hot!!!!

enjoy your quietude!

Coastal Sisters said...

LOVELY things big Sis! You have been quite busy. I love the pics of the beach...I can't wait to move next year. I miss the coast so much. It won't come soon enough for me!

Love to you, LW and the fur babies,
LS, The Commander, #2 and our fur babies!

SummersStudio said...

Love these earings and how your beads stack up on the wires. I too am ready for summer to be over. Mostly because of the heat. We get the opposite to you. Uni students come back and my neighborhood gets crowded and sometimes noisy.Can I come walk quietly on the beach with you?

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Shoo, pesky tourists!

Nice of you to buy from the beach vendors to help them out a bit!

Love your latest creations...especially those earrings...earring hog here...

Fanciful Expressions said...

What a lovely place you live in. No beaches here in Kentucky. But I love it here anyway.
The pieces you've made are so pretty.


stregata said...

Pattie, thank you for your suggestion!! I would love for you to send my an email
rgstarke ( at )

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