Thursday, April 02, 2009

Woo Hoo She Passed :)

Remember a couple of months ago when I explained the contract we were going to set up with Dulce?? Dulce is our little 17 &1/2 year old house keeper. LW cleaned up a friend's computer so that Dulce could buy it at a very low cost and on installments.
We were hoping it would be an added incentive to remain in school. Part of the contract states she must remain in school until her 18th birthday. Well I'm happy to report that she loves her new computer, and has been using it to study with. She makes a weekly payment of $100 pesos (<$10US) and has 4 more payments :)

I thought I might just share her accomplishments this year. When she started cleaning and spending time with us she began to see that with an education she doesn't have to settle for the same life as the other women in her neighborhood and family have. She and I have a mutual admiration for each other. She has learned from me how important an education is to opening the doors to your dreams. I have learned from her the strength of character needed by a young woman to obtain an education here. Dulce had missed so much school that it wasn't until spring 2007 that she graduated from Primary School. It was fall of 2007 that she started Secondary (jr high) Last year was exceedingly difficult. All her girlfriends where dropping out of school and having babies. She was stuck in classes with 11&12 years old that continually assaulted her self esteem. None of us were sure (not even her) if she would go back this year. But she did :) And she started taking after school classes so that she could challenge the secondary school curriculum. Then came the all day test to challenge courses. She use her computer to study for the last sets of tests. With each set of challenge tests she became a little more confident in herself and her abilities. At Christmas she announced that she intended to challenge the entire secondary curriculum this spring, so that when school starts in the fall she will start high school!! She intends to study and challenge as many HS courses as she can, then apply to University at the Naval Academy!!!!! Last Friday was the last set of tests, and she was really feeling the self doubt creeping in. So we came up with a mantra "I can do this I will do this I AM INTELLIGENT!!" We all sweated bullets..... DO you want to know how she did????

SHE PASSED EVERYTHING!!!!! SHE ACED IT ALL!!!!!! She will start high school in the fall

Will I stop worrying about her finishing school now??? No way, she still lives in a society where higher education is frivolous and unnecessary. It's very likely that she will fall in love with a young man who works in the trades and sees no reason why she would want to go to school. But you know what? If that is want happens that's okay. She has already learned that you can dream big and if you want it bad enough and work hard enough you can make your dreams come true.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" Elenore Roosevelt

Have a most audacious day or evening my Bloglandian friends depending on where in the world you are ;)


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

wonderful tale of success of the most important kind - triumph over one's own fears and disadvantages.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Congratulations to Dulce! I hope she will continue. I didn't know Mexico had a naval academy! Maybe living by the sea has gotten into her blood!!!

Sammy Girl said...

Congrats to Dulce and her "team". An inspiring story. Send her our well-wishes and tell her that we recognize the perserverance and strength of character this accomplishment takes.

She is a strong woman! WOW!

On another note -- can you explain or describe the "Steampunk style"? I have seen many oblique references ... and would like to learn more.


Betty :)

Anonymous said...

Felicidades to Dulce AND YOU!!! Thank you for giving back to the community by helping one - of my paisanos - at a time... Thank you! You are an inspiration, God bless you.
Have a fantastic weekend,


Grandma B said...

What a wonderful thing for you to do for Dulce', but most of all, for setting the example that WE, as women, can succeed in anything we set our minds and hearts to.

Wonderful post....and enlightening also. Have a super weekend...

Coastal Sisters said...

Dulce is so very blessed to have you and LW in her life. What a wonderful gift you have given her with your guidance and direction.

I am laid up with a bum leg right now so no frivolity for me!

Hope you both have a wonderful weekend!

LS, The Commander and the Fur Babies

Artyjen said...

Congratulations to Dulce, hope life will always be expanding for her..........
Just like you to know I love your blog, even if I am more of a stalker than comment maker! I would like to pass on the Makes my Heart Smile award. I know many people find these tiresome and I am happy if you choose not to display or even acknowledge this and please do not feel obliged to have to pass this on or link to me. I am putting your link on my blog so that other people can enjoy your work as much as I do and I have posted about you here.
Thanks for reading this.
Artyjen said...

Bravo bravo bravo!!! I looove this story, must tell my mom to read it, and must read it to mister Lovee. You guys are just great, just great!!! xoxo

Tracy M. said...

Hip, hip, horay to Dulce!! I sure hope she continues with her plans to further her education. It's really too bad that only the upper class in Mexico believes in the importance of a good education. You guys are so sweet to help and encourage her.
Have a great week,
Tracy M.

Castle in the Air said...


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