Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Friend In Deed & Tid Bits

Things have been a bit hectic here. We have a very close friend who retired and moved here a few months before we did. We hadn't met before we all moved here but she and LW knew a number of the same people, because their respective professions overlapped. But as happens occasionally we have become great friends right from the start. Jackie and I try to have a girl's lunch every couple of weeks. One of the international companies that she worked for hired her for a short 3 month consulting job in Mali (Africa) So 5 weeks ago we put her on the plane for a 24+ hour trip to Mali. Last week I got a call from her daughter. Jackie had fallen and shattered her left shoulder could we pick her up at the air port the next day. Well Of course!! Next morning daughter calls and said Mom was air evacuated to Paris to stabilize her and would fly in on the red eye Friday night. Jackie is one of those amazing people that should have died at birth but has such a strong will to live that she has recovered from any number of illnesses that anyone else would have died from. And she just did it again. She has diabetes and because of the trauma her glucose levels were all over the place. Thus the trip to Paris. Well she is home now and waiting until the swelling goes down enough to do surgery on her shoulder. In the mean time she needs to keep her arm immobile. That's where I come in. "Have Nurse Friend will Travel" :) So we have been making trips back and forth across town. Well a girl needs to clean up and fru fru a bit once a day you know ;) I'm not minding a bit cuz her condo is on the eleventh floor over looking the beach. There aren't to many better views in Mazatlan!!

LW found this tid bit in the Mexico City news This is a Lenten tradition that has been done for years. Even if it means you have to spend a bit of your siesta time sitting in the corner. :)
"One of the weird Sábado de Gloria traditions, which are an excuse to break the Lenten solemnity a bit early, are water fights between housewives. With water rationing (both to recharge the dangerously low reservoirs and to repair the water system) in Mexico City, the police have been arresting people for wasting resources. While most arrests have been of people doing things like washing their cars over the three day water suspension, these Wet n’ Wild women went off to be “socially readapted” for a couple of hours… and dry out."

Hmmm makes you wonder what they gave up for Lent don't you think?? :)

Before I take off for bed, early shower call at the other end of town in the morning. No sleeping till noon and laying around eating bonbons :) I wanted to pass on the latest news about Liza's project Blogway that was scheduled for May 1st. Looks like there is a bit of a delay, which for me is a "good thing". If you haven't already joined in the fun head over and sign up to create an outfit out of recycled materials. If you have signed up the delay info is posted on the blog also.

Annalise can't wait to walk the catwalk in the creation I'm suppose to come up with.

Gads even with the reprieve that Divine Vision better hurry up and show it's self the clock is ticking as they say :) But I have been collecting some ever so chic materials, plastic grocery bags, bubble wrap, duct tape.... no way I'm not spilling any more. You'll just have to wait and see. In the mean time join the fun if you haven't already.

Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are ;)


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Bubble bags...duct tape...making a "green" girdle, honey?

LOL...after that little tasselled number of a few weeks back, we just never know what you might come up with...

Nice of you to help your friend! Keeps your nursing skills sharp, too, and it's another chance to throw your back out!!! LOL...

Miss Muggins said...

What a lovely friend you are!
Pattie I would like to send you one of my Bushfire mousies. Let me know which one you would like at,
and your details

Coastal Sisters said...

What a lucky person Jackie has to have you to nurse her back to health! I am getting fat as a mole lounging around on the couch waiting for my tendons and ligaments to heal! Pass me another bon-bon please *snort*

All kidding are such a lovely soul and I know Jackie is in good hands.


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