Monday, July 06, 2009

Shifting a Paradigm or When is a Candle Stick a Necklace

And how was everyones holiday weekend?? Ours was very quiet. Since yesterday was the midterm elections there wasn't even any alcohol sold. The only places that can sell alcohol on election days are restaurants. Now if you were paying attention you would have noticed that yesterday was Sunday. Elections on Sunday?? Yep elections are normally held on Sundays for a number of reasons. The major one is that this country still works on a 6 day work week, with Sunday being the only day off. This way everyone who wants to vote has a chance without having his pay docked, or having to ask for time off.

I don't have an infinite source for vintage chain or findings or even for old jewelry for that matter. I have been taking apart my older stuff (but I didn't bring very much down with us) One of the goals that at the top of my list to do when we go up to the States in November is to hit some places and (dare I say it out loud??) stock pile a bit. I started working on a new necklace yesterday and really did some digging in my infinitesimal collection of old patina chain and stones. Hmmm if 3 of something defines a collection them holly mackerel I've go a collection of chains :) Okay so there I was thinking about my limited options. I have a rather over the top Bohemian in all it's glory set of candle sticks that sit on the corner of my desk. I brought them down with us, and they have been sitting out growing vintage for nearly 3 years. Since we are 8ish blocks away from the beach the chains and metal beads have a most wonderful patina already :) As I continued to feel sorry for myself I notice the candle sticks just sitting there, in need of a good dusting when one of those "Oh My God" moments struck :)

Disclaimer: that orange tub is not the top of my desk! :)
Will you look at that!!!! There's chain (yeah a bit small but workable) & some kind of metal beads both very nicely aged to perfection. There are also some really cool rough cut glass beads in wonderful muted colors.
There are also little round beads. I'm sure there is a name for them in Beadanese but I don't know what it is. They look like seed beads on steroids. :)

Oye this photo is on the blurry side, but you can sorta get an idea of the rustic red and yellow cut beads. They have a few air bubbles in them and are on the way cool crude side of awesome :). Waa Laa a pair of pliers and a bit of work and now my candle sticks are ever so sleek and swelt and I have a little larger stash!! :)

I went into my favorite of the two bead stores the other day, with the intentions of buying a sting of bronzeish iridescent pearls and maybe something in dark moss/sepia colored stones. Gads I found about 3-4 really nice color and size pearls. Yikes but the prices were around $10.00US a 14inch string. I know they are not as expensive as they are in the States. But I don't sell my jewelry and my inheritance and I were separated at birth, I don't have anything coming in the front end to replenish whats going out the back end,. :) I did find one string without a price so hoping it might be less expensive I took it to the counter and asked how much ?? The clerk looked up and said "treinta" pesos ( 30pesos 0r about $2.50US) Wow TREINTA????? si Treinta it's a promotion in fact everything on that wall is $30 pesos.

HAPPY DANCE all the way back over to the beads. SO smiling like a cat with a canary I walked out with 4 strands of pearls a cool tear drop mossy colored stone string, a warm soft faceted green glass string and a lovely limonada colored green faceted glass bead string!!!! :) :) We might just have to take a trip over there again this week ;)

I am now home pretending it's Christmas morning and I'm having so much fun playing with all my new toys!!!
Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are ;)


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Go back, go back, get more! Try to look stern like yr not going to buy them and see how low the price will go! LOL! You made out like a bandit!!! or is that bandita?

Just watch out, the FW pearls tend to have very small holes, do you have a bead reamer? They are invaluable for working with pearls.

Rustic Tarts said...

Good find Pattie! I love your comment about the beads on steroids.
Can I send you a packet of Tim Tams? I have some other goodies already to send you as well.......

sharon said...

Play, play away....can't wait to see what you come up with!

stregata said...

Cool finds - it really must be Christman in July!! And isn't it too fun to find treasures in your house??
And I will have to remember "my inheritance and I were separated at birth"! priceless!

sharon said...

Hi Patti! No way could you ever be rude! I am kind of a wire nut, my favorite gauge of wire is 18 gauge, I think it's just lovely, and I only use dead soft. The copper pieces on my blog today are 18 gauge, but I have just about every other gauge. 16 gauge gets trickier to work with because of the bulk, but is fantastic for clasps and hooks, and 14 is awesome for the center of bangles. As always, thanks for your sweet comments !

Silver Parrot said...

Beady deals are awesome! Congrats on the lucky find!

Leticia said...

You'll have to let me know where to shop next time I'm in Mazatlan. Would love to visit the bead shops! Oh, I recognize PB Emerald Bay in the video below- it's where we stayed the last couple of times we were there- beautiful Mazatlan

Esther said...

i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous!! here in france they even don't sell freshwater beads... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! have you a bed room for me ?? héhéhé ya llego!!!!

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