Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Give Away & Rubi's New Jewelry :)

Is she not the most adorable 3lb little girl you have seem in a looooooooooong time????? (Psst, the answer to the question is Yes!) As most of you know we are a family of 2 adults and 5 four legged dog type critters. :) They range in age and size from Tali our yellow lab at 11 and 80lb to Rubi our year old 3 pounder. There are 4 girls and Charlie our little guy who was rescued from a puppy mill. In fact everyone but Rubi is a rescue pinup. :) Little Rubi was a gift from our dear friends Luci and Tony.

Because our two little chihuahuas are way to fragile to walk on leash with collars we have little harnesses for them. But around the house the little ones both have collars with bells on them. It just keeps the rest of us "Brobdingnags" from squishing our little "Lilliputians" !! :) I have a lot of fun making their collars. Charlie's is always made with a dapper stripe or plaid ribbon. Rubi on the other hand is such a little girlie girl, and she likes her babbles. But she draws the line at those trashy looking pink rhinestone collars that all the other chihuahuas wear!! :) No she's more the tasteful, feminine jewelry kinda girl.

Of course in celebration of summer with our tropical beach town life we added a lamp work cobalt fish. Muy Bonita :)

My friend Sharon of Livewire is the most amazing artist who creates incredible wire work jewelry!! In fact I want to be just like her when I grow up!! Well Sharon is having and awesome give away in honor of her first two pieces of jewelry to be published in a magazine!! (WOO HOO, WAY TO GO, YOU GO GIRL!!) The current issue of Bead Trends Magazine has 2 of Sharon's pieces featured!! :) This piece she calls Always Faithful.

So in celebration and as a thank you to her many friends and supporters in Bloglandia she is giving away "Always Faithful" Can you imagine giving away your first published piece?? I have to tell you that Sharon has the most amazing ability to make wire do her bidding and to make it look easy :) I was really hoping that that I could get a really good close up of her work. But alas Blogger thinks otherwise. But maybe you can see all of her meticulous wrapping and links she always makes!! No store bought chain here!! How very cool is that???
I almost hate to tell you to head over to her blog and sign up for her give away, cuz the more that sign up the less likely my number will randomly be picked :( But I can't keep this dear friend's amazing talents from the world!! SO head over to Sharon's blog Livewire and sign up before Friday for her give away. While your there look around and don't forget to check out her ETSY store :)
Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are ;)


sharon said...

Thank you soooo much Patti for your wonderful post, you are soo soo kind!! BTW, why didn't you leave a comment?!!! Blog trouble?!!
Anyway, loooove Rubi, so so sweet!!

5 are a saint!!

Thank you again for your sweet comments!!!

LW said...

Slight correction. Rubi doesn't wear a collar; she wears a necklace. What Pattie made is way too nice to be called a collar!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...


Or as they say it here, Chee-wha-whur...

OH Rubi is the cutest thing in the world.

artgirly said...

Pattie, your comments keep me laughing! You are a riot and besides that lovely necklace that Sharon is giving away; I was hoping you were going to be giving Ruby away also. I love her and her sweet necklace! I second the thought that Olde Dame Penniwig said, "I want me a Chihuahua"!
xo- Nicole

Rustic Tarts said...

That's the problem when you stumble upon a giveawy - should you do the right thing and share the news or keep it to yourself and hope that you are the winner!!

I have nominated you to play along with the "My Heart' tag - details are on my blog - hope you can join in.

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh Oh Oh!! What a charming necklaces...!!! I love the one you made and the one in the giveaway...sorry. I'm going to make your chances go down...I'm heading over there now! lol. Laurie

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